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It’s Time to Decide

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VOTING HAS CLOSED. Thank you all who participated.

Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again. It Takes a Thief is over and I need a new book to share with you. I’ve listed short synopses of several of my novels below. Please vote for the one you’re most interested in reading.

I have one that needs a title, so leave me your ideas below. If I choose your title, you get your pick of one of my e-books!

Bad Day – Reva Kelly is a wedding planner with the top firm in the city. On the worst day of her life, she falls & breaks her ankle while at work. In a way, it’s the best thing that could have happened because she meets Dr. Hal Perrine, nephew of her boss. His uncle asked him to look in on her while she was in the emergency room. She and Hal hit it off and start dating, only to have Hal’s alarming secret come between them.

Bad Fall – Frank Atherton was a military man, until his brother-in-law is killed in a mission gone horribly wrong. He leaves the Army & heads home to small town Ohio where he takes the job as assistant director at a large scale elder care facility. He thinks his worst problem is the fact that the son of one of the residents, Ralph Penwarren, is giving him major headaches. Marka Ventimiglia is a new psychologist hired to work with Alzheimer’s patients. Shortly after her arrival, someone throws Penwarren over a balcony and trashes Frank’s office. Not only that, his car is vandalized and someone broke into his house, only to end up at the bottom of a raven with a broken neck. Why has someone targeted Frank? Are all these things interconnected?

Big Sleep – Roger Findley isn’t sleeping well. He even got a sleeping pill from his doctor, but even that isn’t helping. When a woman named Amber calls, claiming they had a passionate night out (when he thought he’d been home asleep) he wonders about her sanity or his. His boss, and sometimes beneficial friend, Siobhan Richards invites him to a gala event, he is happy to go. He’s also happy to go home with her afterward and warm her bed. She tells him she wants a baby and asks him to be the father. Stress from work and lack of sleep, make Roger do some very strange things.

Crime Makes an Entrance – Deacon Stewart suffered a “psychotic episode” brought on by drugs and alcohol abuse. Clean and sober, he’s taking a break from his high stress set design job in New York, and has taken a job as the technical director for a small, regional theatre in a small Florida beachside town. Little does he know that the excitement is just beginning. Someone is trying to bully the theatre owner into selling out and will go to any extreme to get what he wants.

Deserted – Alyssa Kendrake is a laid off teacher who needs a job. When she gets a mysterious e-mail to audition for a new TV show, she’s astounded, but decides to go. Her performance blows them away and they immediately hire her for the lead in their new show. Barry Sebring is the producer of the new show, as well as owner of the small network. He and his partners have put together a unique new program. It’s partly reality, partly scripted, rather like a game show along the lines of Survivor, but with elements like Fantasy Island. The cast & crew fly to a small island Barry owns, only to uncover an alarming truth.

Full Measure – Someone is embezzling money from a well to do psychiatric practice and Daphne Winstead is hired to find out who and why. She is introduced in the office as an efficiency expert. What Daphne doesn’t know could get her killed. She embarks on a quest to discover one truth only to be embroiled in an even hotter situation. It’s up to handsome & mysterious Ralan Hendrix to protect her and bring the guilty to justice.

Love Comes Lately – Madelyn Hirsch is reeling from a horrendous divorce. Forced to sell her beautiful, beachside home, she moves into a tiny apartment on the mainland. The only spark of good news is an e-mail about her high school reunion. Dubious about whether she wants to go, she reconnects with a former crush – Kirk Jensen. They get to know one another via chat and e-mail and he invites her to join him at the reunion. Will Madelyn find love with the man she liked so many years ago? Or will this be another serious crash and burn?

Posed for Love – Ianna Eaton is an art student. She thinks of herself as short, plump and frumpy. Imagine her surprise when handsome, tall, lean Reed Owens takes an interest in her. Everything seems to be going well until Reed is arrested for attacking a girl in her neighborhood and Ianna finds out he has a history of violence. Unable to believe that such a gentle man could have perpetrated such a heinous act, Ianna stands by Reed. Together, they discover the truth.

Set for Love – Bern Cortland is a Southern boy displaced to the big city. He’s the new technical director, overseeing the set building for a small, local theatre. Things are going great until Paige Russo moves in across the hall. Chilly and hard edged, Paige makes Bern’s life hell until one night when she has too much to drink – then she can’t get enough of that sweet stuff. Unfortunately, the attraction is short lived and she goes back to making him miserable. What will it take for Paige to see that Bern’s really the man for her?

This is the one that needs a title: 

Emerson Lake Palmer works in the college library. One day, he spots a gorgeous redhead as she struts toward him in her shorty shorts and crop top. Brooke Preston is the daughter of the new college president. They hit it off and start dating. Everything is going well until one night, when President Preston is out of town, someone breaks into Brooke’s house. She isn’t hurt, but it certainly scares her. Another break-in points to an intended kidnapping. Who could be after Brooke and why?

You’re welcome to leave more than one suggested title. ~ Dellani