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It Takes a Thief – Part 60

It Takes a Thief cover

My apologies! I accidentally posted part 59 twice! This is the part that was left out. ~ Dellani

The meeting with Bitsy complete, the team splits. The men go with Jason to get their suits fitted. The women join Celeste for a day of shopping.

The agents knew that this was part of the act. Jason was expected to behave this way, but it still made them shift their shoulders uneasily. Three tailors stepped forward, each taking one of the men. Jason went with Luigi.

The fittings went well. The three agents found themselves dressed in beautifully hand tailored suits of the finest material. Every line was perfect, the sheen on the material subtle, elegant. The cloth was black as midnight, except for Greg’s which was a different fabric. It was more along the line of charcoal, but just as magnificently styled.

Jason’s suit outshone theirs. His dinner jacket fit to perfection, his shirt stark white. The pants clung just right to accentuate his well toned physique. Luigi tsked over him, fussing about the fact he’d lost weight.

“I was ill for a few weeks. I didn’t realize how much weight I’d lost. You’ll still have these done on time?”

“For you, Signore Jason, ahead of schedule. We have these done by tomorrow morning, early.”

“I’ll have my man come by and get them at 10:00.”

“Perfect! They will be ready.”

As they bid farewell, Jason took both Luigi’s hands in his, grasping them reverently.

“These are magic hands, Luigi. I can trust no one but you with a job this important.”

“You like a son to me,” the old man said, smiling, his eyes filling with tears. “You take good care of me, I take care of you.” He patted Jason on the cheek. “Maybe next time you bring your woman with you, let Luigi meet her.”

“I’ll do that. She’s as magnificent as one of your suits.”
Luigi grinned at him. “But you don’t take the suit to your bed, eh?”

They laughed heartily as they made their way to the SUV. Tim wasn’t driving this time. They had another agent behind the wheel, waiting for them with the motor running. He managed to look bored to any but the most astute observer.
Jason was impressed at how well he watched his surroundings.

The men hopped quickly into the SUV which pulled away from the curb. Luigi watched in silence as his young friend disappeared.

“Maybe later you tell me what this is all about, eh?” He murmured. Shaking his head, he went back to work.

* * *

Celeste took Taylor and her friends to the most exclusive clothing shop in the city. Walking in, she was greeted with respect and a good deal if unconcealed avarice. The clerks knew that whenever Celeste Neveu brought in a client, someone was going to make a good commission. They vied for position for a few moments until Celeste made her choice. She might have picked the most experienced, but she didn’t. Instead, for whatever reason, she selected two junior clerks to assist them.

She explained what was needed and sent them scurrying to the racks to pull garments in Taylor’s size. To make it more interesting, the other women also chose garments to try on, but none of them even hoped to purchase anything. This shop was way out of their pay grade.

Chatting in the dressing room, they stayed in character, gossiping about Taylor’s new man. There was genuine curiosity. Most of them were on the team that worked at the mansion and they knew that the relationship between Taylor and Jason had changed.

“So, tell us,” Eva said as they changed. “Is he as yummy as he looks? Cause, honey, he looks delish.”

“He’s beyond delish,” Taylor replied. “He surpasses amazing. I can’t even begin to describe him.”

“I knew I should have made a play for him the first time I met him,” Eva said with a sigh.

“She who hesitates loses great sex,” Taylor teased as she went out to show Celeste the dress.

Without saying a word, the older woman made it clear that the dress did not pass muster. Each garment she tried got a sharp critique. Celeste managed to avoid saying the same thing twice, which amazed and impressed Taylor. She didn’t think the dresses were that horrible, but Celeste found them unacceptable. Taylor began to wonder what sort of instructions Jason had left.

“We can do better,” Celeste said to the clerks. “This is awful. She looks ill. This is not her color. Please find something that doesn’t make her look anorexic, if you don’t mind. Could we possibly get a color that doesn’t look like effluvium?”

After almost an hour of trying on dresses, Taylor was handed a silver dress. It was ankle length, silk, clinging, off one shoulder giving it sort of a toga silhouette. It clung to Taylor’s athletic figure flawlessly. When she turned, the silk shimmered with a spectrum of other colors.
“This is the dress you must buy! Jason will love this dress! Do you not think it is perfection?” Celeste appealed to the clerks and the other women.

“Magnificent,” Eva said, her eyes glowing. “You better restrain your man or he’s gonna rip that off with his teeth!”

Taylor blushed, ducking her head. Celeste rose gracefully, raising her chin with a finger. She smiled.

“You must learn to take compliments better, my dear. I think this is perfect as it is. It’s as if it were made for you. Quickly now, take it off and we’ll get the underpinnings together.”

© Dellani Oakes