It Takes a Thief – Part 57

It Takes a Thief coverAfter a long day of makeovers and training, Jason and Taylor have more preparations for their upcoming mission.

They woke the next morning to Tim’s bellowing in the hallway. “Wake up!”

Horrified, Taylor looked at the clock. She jumped out of bed, calling to Jason.

“Get up! We’ll be late. Oh, God! I forgot to set the alarm. Remington’s going to flip!”

She put her hair up in a sloppy bun and hopped in the shower. Jason joined her, rinsing off quickly.

Taylor did her makeup in less than five minutes and dressed in the same suit she’d worn the first day they met. Jason pulled an exquisite suit from the closet and dressed rapidly. He hadn’t shaved, but his hair was so light, it hardly mattered. He was still doing up his tie when Tim tapped on the door. Taylor checked the peephole and answered.

“Did the power go off or something? You’re all lazy this morning.”

Taylor explained what they’d been doing. He nodded, understanding the importance.

“Well, you’re lucky. Remington moved the meeting back about twenty, so you’ve got time to grab coffee and a donut before we jet. The boys are in the hall.”

They joined the others and went down the back stairs. Coffee was just finishing as they walked into the kitchen. The team filled travel mugs, grabbed donuts or bagels and loaded into the SUV’s. Although Jason still felt very conspicuous, he was getting used to this mode of travel. He’d have preferred something less obvious, but it wasn’t his choice.

They arrived at the Bureau office downtown right on time. Remington joined them in the conference room a few minutes later. He looked angry and harassed. Or rather, Taylor amended mentally, more than usual.

“You ready for this cluster fuck of an event?” He asked Taylor as soon as he walked in.

“Yes, sir.” She gave him a brief rundown of the last couple of days.

Remington nodded, lips pursed. “And who paid for all this?”

Jason raised a reluctant hand.

“Don’t expect to be reimbursed. I’m not sure my budget will allow it.”

“Hadn’t crossed my mind. I want Orchid caught as much as you do, sir. It’s a small price to pay.”

He smirked, snorting. “Small, he says. Three tailor made suits and designer dresses, on top of a house call by the top two stylists in the city and it’s small?”

“Don’t forget the limo we discussed,” Jason amended.

Taylor gave him a penetrating look. When had he talked to Director Remington about a limo?

“Oh, that one was easy. We’ve got a customized limo that we impounded from a drug lord a few months ago. New paint job and it’s ready to go. It fits your specifications to the hilt. He must be even more paranoid than you are.”

“Not possible unless you delve into psychosis,” Jason replied with a smirk of his own. “Everything else in place?”

“Absolutely. I won’t have my best people twisting in the wind, kid. Bitsy’s been informed….”

“No offense, sir, to you or Bitsy, but I’d kind of like to talk to her.”

“I anticipated that.” He hit the button to an intercom. “Send in Bitsy Mitchell, please.”

© Dellani Oakes

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