It Takes a Thief – Part 56

It Takes a Thief coverTaylor and Jason spend time together, working on their cover story as well as dancing together. On a whim, Jason asks Taylor to marry him when all this unpleasantness is behind them. Equally impulsive, Taylor says yes. Done with their dance session, Jason wants to take Taylor upstairs to make love.

“We need to tell Alex….”

“He’ll figure it out.”

She wanted to go with him, but she couldn’t give up protocol to that extent. She told the men they were going upstairs. They insisted upon seeing them up and checking the room before leaving them alone. Jason made sure the hatch door to the spiral stair was sealed tightly while Taylor put her gun in the drawer.

Their love making was even more enthusiastic. As he climaxed, Jason told her how much he loved her. As they lay in one another’s arms, he held her close, her head on his chest.

“We don’t have to get married right away, Taylor. I’ll need a bit of time to become completely legit with all my finances legal. I won’t put you in that sort of position. But I want to marry you and make beautiful babies inside you….”

“I want that too. A son you can see every day and be part of his life from the beginning. And a daughter to take to dance lessons….” She teared up, sniffling softly. “I never thought I’d ever find a man I wanted to make a family with. I thought I’d be married to my career.”

“I thought I’d be a player forever, flitting from one beautiful flower to the next. There’s only one flower I want now and she’s currently naked and in my bed.” He chuckled, kissing her on the head.

Taylor giggled, playing with the hair on his chest. “Do you really think we can pull this off?”

“Yes. I have every confidence.”

“You’re terrified we’ll mess up. I can hear it in your voice.”

“I’m always keyed up before a job.”

“Is that what this is? A job?”

“That’s what everything is—except you. What we’re trying to pull is among the greatest con jobs that’s ever been attempted. Only this time, if we fail, we die. Orchid’ll kill all of us if we fuck this up.”

“Then we’d better not fuck up,” Taylor said with finality.
She got up, dressing quickly. She tossed his boxers at him, his jeans followed.

“What are you doing? I thought we’d try this again.”

“Tell me everything I need to know to fit perfectly into your world. And we need to come up with a cover story for how we met. We need to know more about one another than the fact that we have earth moving sex.” She grinned at him over her shoulder.

He looked smug. “When we’re done, then what?”

“Then we get to have more earth moving sex.”

“You talked me into it.” He got up and dressed, following her to the kitchen.

They surprised the others by suddenly appearing in the kitchen. Greeted by a wall of weapons, Jason raised his hands and waved at them. Taylor strode into the room, heading for the coffee pot.

“How old is this?”

“Twenty minutes, give or take,” Greg replied.

She poured two mugs and Jason joined her at the table.

“Fun as this is,” Taylor said without preamble. “It doesn’t make us a success. We need to get to work on our covers. Memorize them, like you would any cover assignment. We need to be these people if we’re going to be convincing.”

For several hours, they worked on their stories, quizzing one another with unexpected questions. Jason was best at tripping them up, but Taylor was best at improvising. Fortunately, she was the one most likely to be in the hot seat. As Jason’s companion, she would draw more focus than the others.

Around 2:00, Taylor called it a night. They had an early appointment with their boss at the Bureau, then a full day of fittings and shopping.

“If I don’t look well rested, Celeste will fuss at you,” she told Jason as they went to bed.

“At me? What for?”

“Keeping me up late.”

“Then I guess I’d better let you sleep.” He kissed her on the brow, curling up behind her.

Jason was almost immediately asleep. Taylor lay awake, thinking. Was she making a terrible mistake getting involved with Jason? How could she be sure theirs was a lasting relationship? Come to that, were there ever guarantees in any relationship? Whatever the outcome, she had to admit that this was the best relationship she’d ever had. Even if it ended in a crash and burn, she intended to enjoy what he had to offer—withholding nothing.

Smiling, she snuggled closer to Jason. He caressed her as he slept, his breath warm on her neck.

“I love you,” she whispered.

His only reply was soft, deep breathing. With a happy sigh, she fell asleep.

© Dellani Oakes

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