It Takes a Thief – Part 54

It Takes a Thief coverHenri and Celeste arrive to begin the makeover process. After some disagreement, Jason and Henri decide upon what will be done with Taylor’s hair. She and Celeste discuss makeup and Celeste asks if there is a budget for Taylor’s wardrobe.

“No. She’s to be the most beautiful woman there, Celeste. I want all eyes on her when she walks in the room. She is to be the center of attention. Can you do that for me?”

Celeste turned Taylor’s head from side to side, examining her profile. “Mais oui. She is perfection already. Now, has the hair been decided upon?”

“Yes, my sweet,” Henri said, bowing humbly to his wife.

“Excellent. Then I shall let you begin. Jason and I shall discuss wardrobe.”

“As you wish, my sweet.”

Henri led Taylor to the master suite, carrying many cases with him. He shut the door and refused Jason entry.

“An artist does not allow scrutiny of his work until the masterpiece is complete,” he said through the door.

* * *

Downstairs, the men waited impatiently to see the results. They wanted to see Taylor’s new look, half afraid that she was going to kill Henri, Celeste or Jason in the process. After what felt like a slice of forever, Jason called them upstairs. He, Henri and Celeste sat in the center room looking smug. The door to the master suite was closed.

“You can come out now,” Jason called.

The door opened slowly and Taylor emerged. Henri had augmented the existing highlights, adding a secondary lighter tone. The length was essentially the same, but he’d neatened and trimmed it so that the ends curled under, and the sides framed her face. She wore it long, pulled back in elegant combs that looked like real jade.

Her makeup was dusky, subtle, exquisite. Celeste had used a technique that blended the colors so they had a smoky appearance around the eyes. Her lips looked fuller, more sensuous. Her lean curves were accentuated by the clinging black pants and crop top she wore. It might not be a designer dress, but she looked beautiful.

The men stared at her, jaws dropping as they admired her new look. Taylor, not quite certain what to make of it, started to tighten up. Balling her fists, she advanced.

Celeste cleared her throat pointedly. Taylor slowed, relaxing, as she advanced into the room. It took a moment for the men to realize she was wearing high heels. They might not be the six inch ones that Jason wanted, but they still added a tempting curve to her legs.

Greg whistled low, admiring her openly. “Ooh wee, sister, do you clean up good!” He said in a slow Southern drawl. He clutched his chest. “Mercy!”

© Dellani Oakes

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