It Takes a Thief – Part 51

It Takes a Thief coverDuring the course of their lessons, Greg reveals to Taylor how much he cares for her. She feels responsible for breaking his heart until Jason convinces her she really isn’t to blame.

Tim and Alex found Greg down in the workout room, pounding his frustration out on the heavy bag that stood in the corner. He hammered at it, kicking brutally, a barrage of blows echoed in the tiled room. Roaring his fury, he collapsed, hugging the bag.

“I don’t know if I can do this. Seeing them together, knowing he’s the man in her bed—that he’s inside her right now, making her scream. I never made a woman scream like that. What does he know that I don’t?”

“Nothing, kid. It’s a pretty standard op.” Tim clapped him on the shoulder.

“Did you ever make a woman scream like that?”

“Don’t know, I haven’t exactly been listening.”

“I was outside the door earlier—God, it was torture! Knowing it was him and not me….” He choked back a sob.

“It’ll pass, Greg,” Alex said calmly. “I know it feels like you’ve been shot in the gut, but it gets better. As a man who’s had his heart trampled, I can attest to that. Best thing to do is find another woman.”

“I don’t want another woman.”

“The right one comes along, you’ll change your mind.”

“Right now, I don’t know if I can do my job. If someone took a shot at him, I’m not sure I could protect him. I’d like to kill him myself!” He punched the bag again. “But he’s such a great guy! But I’m a good guy, right? Maybe he’s a better man than me.”

“Look,” Tim said, taking Greg by the shoulders. “He’s not a better man than you. Different, yes, but not better. Me and Alex, we aren’t friends with losers. If you were that pathetic, you wouldn’t have lasted on this team. You and Taylor weren’t meant to be, that’s all.”
He exchanged a look with Alex. “Take the night,” he said quietly. “Go out, cruise a bar or two, find a woman and get laid.”

“I’m too off my game. If I strike out now….”

“Kid, if I looked like you—if I’d ever had your build, I could’ve scored more pussy than I could eat. Call and old girlfriend, or a friend with benefits.”

“I got a couple….” He mused. “I’ll give it a shot.” He wandered toward the door, turning to smile at the older men. “Thanks. Thanks….” He took out his phone and made hit speed dial. “Yeah, Trish, hey, baby. You busy tonight? Really? Cool!” His voice faded as the door shut.

“I’m so glad I’m married,” Alex said. “Dating sucks balls.”

“And then some. I’m gonna go call my wife and talk dirty to her.” Tim sighed. “Sometimes, this job sucks balls too.”

“Yeah.” He glanced at his watch. “Good plan. I think I’ll implement it too.”

“I’ll let the guys outside know we’re turning in for the night,” Tim said. He made his report as he went up to his room.

Greg met them at the top of the stairs, dressed casually, smiling. “I hooked up with an old girlfriend. She’s between men at the moment and feeling the pinch.” He grinned. “Don’t wait up. I’ll be back in the morning.” He clapped them both on the shoulder. “Thanks,” he said again as he went down the stairs.

The door opened and shut downstairs as Greg went out. Tim and Alex exchanged a look.

“Flip for the night off tomorrow,” Alex said.

“I outrank you.”


“We’ll figure something out. Good night, my friend.”

“Night, old man.”

© Dellani Oakes

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