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It Takes a Thief – Part 43

It Takes a Thief coverAfter discovering he’s not only a free man, but is going to be used as bait to catch Orchid, Jason decides he’s waited long enough for Taylor. He takes her to bed, making love to her — taking her breath away.

They made love again, taking their time, savoring one another. Their climax, when it came, was softer, subtler, and even more satisfying. Afterward, they took a long shower and cuddled up in bed together, his body around her protectively.

Tim woke them by tapping on the door the next morning. Jason grabbed his shorts while Taylor threw on her T-shirt and pants. Pistol in hand, she used the peephole, checking to be sure it was one of the team. Sighing with relief, she opened the door.

“Hey, bright eyes,” Tim said as she closed the door. “Get clean panties and be ready to roll. The boss called. He wants Jason at the gun range in an hour.”

“The department range?”

“Yup. Gunnin’ with the big boys. I’ll keep an eye on Romeo while you change.”

“Thanks. I’ll be right back,” she told Jason.

He nodded as he grabbed clean boxers from the dresser.

After she left, Tim eyed the disheveled bed. “Hope you treat her right, Jason. I’d hate like hell to have to kill you.”

“Bloody hell, I thought we were past that, Agent Stewart. I’ve no intention of treating her badly. Nor do I intend to love her and leave her. She’s amazing—wild, luscious…. And that’s all I intend to say, or I’ll get my balls handed to me on a bloody platter.”

The older man shook his head, chuckling. “We take her safety, as well as yours, very seriously.”

“Understood. Does Greg think I’m a total wanker?”

Tim shrugged. “I doubt it. He knows it couldn’t have worked out between them.”

“There’s always that hope….”

“Yeah. So, ready?”

“Yes. Let me pull this up. The maid’s no longer working.” He made the bed quickly and neatly. “One thing you learn in juvie is how to make a tight bunk.” He grinned proudly.

Alex Graves tapped on the door. Tim let him in. Alex carried a bullet proof vest and a helmet for Jason.

“Do I really need all this?”

“You’re our primary. We take that very seriously. Don’t feel bad, sport. We’ll all be dolled up the same. Car will be ready and at the door in ten.”

“Coffee?” Jason looked expectant. “And I’m blood starving.”

“Boss said he’d have the works,” Alex assured him. “Don’t get too excited. That could mean stale donuts and weak coffee.”

“I hope to hell not. I need real food.”

“Worked up quite an appetite, did ya?”

“Not saying a word. I know my place.”

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