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It Takes a Thief – Part 41

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DISCLAIMER! This particular segment does include a steamy and specific love scene. If you don’t like it hot, skip this episode!

Jason has just found out from Judge Honoria Walker that he’s no longer a murder suspect. His slate is wiped clean. The District Attorney had nothing but circumstantial evidence from the beginning. With a change of heart, and a long discussion with Honoria, he’s dropped the charges. Jason is a free man once more. As such, he is determined to be with Taylor. Being used as bait for Orchid makes him feel his mortality even more strongly than before.

He didn’t give her a chance to respond. His lips on hers stopped any protest. Her comments were blocked by his tongue in her mouth. Every ounce of passion he’d been shoving aside the last couple of days came gushing up as if from a well.

Jason took her breath away. Never in her life had Taylor felt the way she did when he kissed her. She was floating, his hands on her body the only thing keeping her close to the ground. She should make him stop, put the brakes on like she always had with Greg. She shouldn’t let a man she’d known less than three days make love to her. Good girls didn’t do that, did they? FBI agents didn’t allow themselves to….

She couldn’t think straight anymore. He made her dizzy. He stopped kissing her. Taking her by the hand, he led her into the gym and up the spiral stair to his bedroom.

How many women had made this same trip? How many women had he been with? She wanted to ask him, but he was kissing her again and she couldn’t think straight. His hands burned her body, searing her skin, leaving flame trails in their wake. He grasped her shirt, pulling it up so he could fondle her bare breasts. It kept slipping down, so he slowly pulled it off while he licked her nipples.

Jason’s body was on fire. Calling upon all his control, he took his time, savoring the experience. He’d wanted a woman for weeks, and Taylor since meeting her. If this was his only chance to make love to her, he wanted to do it right. He knew she was reluctant, but not opposed. Had she put up any protest, he would have forced himself to stop—but she didn’t. She gave as good as he was giving.

Her body was amazing, even better than Orchid’s. She might not be a super model, but she was more beautiful. She was sleek and strong, her muscles honed by years of martial arts and yoga. She was lithe and limber. Her curves fit against him perfectly.

Before they realized it, they were naked, kissing and fondling one another beside the bed. Jason lifted her easily, laying her in the middle of the bed. She tossed back the covers as he dug in his supply drawer.

She laughed when he brought out the condom. “That’s what you didn’t want me to see?”

He nodded as he crawled toward her on the bed. “That and the fact that there’s a pink thong bikini in there.”

“Oh, I could have gone swimming in that!” She swatted at him as he pulled her to him.

“No one sees you in that but me,” he said.

His kiss once more stopped conversation. Taylor ran her hands over his lean body, dropping low to help him put on the condom as he kissed and sucked every available inch of her. As she moved her hands back up, she felt the bullet scar.

Jason flinched away as her fingers touched the still sensitive tissue Taylor opened her eyes to see him biting his lip.

“Did that hurt?”

“Just my pride,” he said as he went back to her breasts.

Taylor shoved him on his back, straddling his thighs. Her lips started at his neck, moving slowly, languorously down his body. She nibbled his nipples, then nipped all the way down his hard torso until she got to the scar. She kissed it gently, letting her tongue flicker against it so lightly, he barely felt it. Spending a minute or two more, she increased pressure and speed.

Jason was nearly wild with desire. She was making him crazy! She had him pinned to the bed, but he remembered something he’d learned in their martial arts training, and used his greater weight against her. Flipping her on her back, he was inside her completely before she realized what he was doing. Her turn to be pinned to the bed.

She wanted to fight him because he surprised her, but the first thrust took her breath away. Gasping, she rose to meet him as he drove fast and deep once more. They made love with an urgency that neither of them could control. Almost angrily, he took her body, driving in hard and fast. Taylor moved against him, thrusting her hips up to meet him as he dove into her faster and deeper.

“Oh, yes!” She screamed. “Faster!” She pounded his back with her fists.

Jason could feel his climax approaching, hoping she was close. He couldn’t control himself. It had been too long since he’d made love. A change in her voice and the way she clamped down with her pelvic muscles told him she was as close as he was.

Finding a reserve of energy, he did what she demanded, moving as fast as he could, driving deeper and harder until her body vibrated against his, going somewhat slack as her first orgasm hit.

“Oh, God! Yes! Yes!” She screamed, giving herself over completely to the amazing sensations that exploded from their joined hips.

“Taylor, oh, God!” He groaned as he came.

“Don’t stop!” She demanded as he slowed. “Don’t you dare—stop!”

He kept moving, feeling his body go limp. Finally spent, he relaxed on top of her, panting. He rolled over, taking her with him, their hips still joined. He kissed her deeply, passionately, wishing he could make love to her again right away. Instead of completely sating his lust, making love to her had made him desire her that much more.

© Dellani Oakes

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