Tirgearr Publishing opened its doors on 29 February, 2012, Leap Day.
We took a big leap of faith that day to start our new venture.
Now, one year on, things couldn’t be better. We have a great team of authors, our staff is growing, and our collection of books is second to none.

To celebrate, we’re putting all of our books on sale.
All Kindle titles for just 99c!

Join us from Sunday, 3 March, to Saturday, 9 March, for our one year anniversary sale. These days coincide with Read an eBook Week.

What a great opportunity to pick up some great digital books at a fabulous price.

This is no one-day sale. This sale goes all week!

During our sale week, you could win some FREE books.
Comment on one of our media sites and it could be you!
We’d love to hear comments on books you’ve read,
but we’ll take a simple hello or even a smiley.
Heck, just ‘like’ a post on our Facebook page between 3-9 March,
and we might pick you to win a book.
Just make your presence known and if we pick you,
you can choose any book in our catalog.
Tirgearr Publishing
One Year Anniversary Celebration – Kindle eBook Sale
3-9 March, 2013


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  2. Dellani,I have so many interesting subscriptions that I missed the announcement a year ago so I amcelebrating that you have a company now that is publishing and already a year old! In the website it mentions you are looking for early proofreaders/editors and I think I’d dowell at that. I’ve edited several publications, 3 books, and seem to have and eye forpunctuation and run-on sentences, as basic skills and can often help the flow ofa story. By separate email, I can provide references from some of the work I have done. Again ~ I am so excited for you ~ this has to be a fascinating new venture! Cordially,JoAnn MeltonSt. Louis314.780.2277

    ~ The Magic of a Child’s Mind ~http://on.today.com/XswqBN

    Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2013 02:23:32 +0000 To: fljoie@msn.com

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