What’s Next at Dellani’s

Undercover Lover is over. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

What’s next here? Something fun! I actually wrote Undercover Lover after I wrote another book featuring Brodie as the main character. Chronologically, it comes after Undercover Lover, so I’ll be sharing it next. I’m giving myself a short break for a week, but will begin A Bride for Brodie on Wednesday, January 3, 2012.

Books make great gifts for the entire family. If you still need a great present for that special someone, please follow the links below to find my books.

Indian Summer – historical romantic suspense set in St. Augustine, FL in 1739. Gabriella Deza thinks that her fifteenth birthday is the most exciting thing that’s every happened to her, until Manuel Enriques confesses his love. Unfortunately, a British spy plots to overthrow the town and fort. Manuel lays a trap for him, but Gabriella is unwittingly caught instead.

Lone Wolf – book one in my sci-fi series. Wil VanLipsig thinks he’s got his life together, until he meets determined and self-possessed Matilda DuLac. What should be a standard run for the Mining Guilt becomes anything but run of the mill.


The Ninja Tattoo – Teague McMurtry has returned from the war after serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Little does he know that a chance encounter with the beautiful Vivica Rambo, will put his life and hers in danger.

Dulcet – Cooper Richards is a former bad boy who took drugs, sex and rock n roll to an extreme. After waking in the hospital with a four day gap in his memory, he’s reformed and even considering the priesthood. Enter Gloria Sharpe. Her beautiful face and voice knock Cooper’s socks off. He can’t wait to build a life with her. But Gloria has a secret that could keep them apart.


I wish you Merry Chrismahanakwanza from my family to yours!

~ Dellani ~

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