Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

Undercover Lover – Part 52

Saige finally remembers she needs to call her mother. The conversation is somewhat hysterical and disjoint, but at last she is able to assure her mother that she’s fine.

Blair continued to babble, asking all kinds of uncomfortable questions. She didn’t give her daughter a chance to answer anything, she was too upset. Determined to answer the questions so she could move on to something more interesting, Saige tried another tactic. She whistled sharply, piercingly.

“Mother,” she spoke sharply. “Do I have your full attention now?”

“Of course, honey. I’m so sorry.”

Slowly and patiently, Saige explained what had happened. It took a long time because Blair had so many questions, but she finally finished. While she was talking, Romy made a pot of coffee and dug around until he found a box of unopened cookies.

Saige took the refreshment automatically, thanking him with a smile. He settled back on the couch with his arms spread across the back, smiling at her fondly. She eventually got off the phone with her mother, assuring her that she would go over for breakfast the next day.

Romy moved closer, his arms around her waist. “Finally,” he sighed with a happy grin. “Where did we leave off?”

“Somewhere around here.”

She wiggled closer. His lips had barely touched hers when there was a pounding on the door.

“No one could make that much noise except Brodie,” Romy frowned. “Oi!” He called. “You’ll wake Gran!” He yelled as he answered the door.

“Or that might,” Saige countered, laughing at him.

Brodie, Stan and the girls were in the hallway trying to get into the apartment simultaneously. Romy opened the door wide, inviting them all in. Brodie had a stack of pizza boxes and Stan had bottles of beer and cider. The girls carried soft drinks and desert.

“Celebration party,” Stan announced. “You got the bad guys and saved the day!”

“My gran’s here,” Romy said in a stage whisper. “Could you keep it down before you wake her?”

“Too late,” Julia said as she walked slowly from the bedroom. “That bellow you let out was like a stuck pig, Romany.”

“Sorry, Gran. Want a cider?”
“I’ll take a beer.” She smiled and sat with care. “I don’t care what that doctor says. My ass hurts. Bit of stiffness, he said. I’ll give him stiff.” She made a universally rude finger gesture to the room in general. “Oh, pizza? What have you got?”

“I remembered your favorite,” Brodie said proudly. “Ham and pineapple.”

“Oh, lovely!” She took a slice and a beer.

“Saige, you’ve got the rest of the week off with pay,” Brodie assured her. “When I told Ches what’s been happening, and it’s all over the news, he could hardly say no.”

“You’re going to be the talk of the office,” Bonnie assured her. “Nothing this exciting ever happens!”

“Believe me, I could have done without some of it,” Saige remarked. “That chloroform incident wasn’t the most fun night I’ve had.”

“What was the most fun night?” Stan winked at her.

“Oh, that’s easy.” She gazed into Romy’s eyes.

She wouldn’t say anything in front of his grandmother, but they all knew what she meant.

“You two don’t need an old lady staying with you,” Julia said unexpectedly. “I’d go home if I could, but as I’ve no front door… Broke it down, the bastard. And it wasn’t even locked.”

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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