Undercover Lover – Part 51

With Rimsky, Ben and the others in custody, Romy has a little more free time to enjoy with Saige.  First, though, a visit to see his family in the hospital. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. As Julia is being checked by the doctors, they go to visit Dexter and Chas.

“How’s Gran?” They asked in unison.

“She’s downstairs now being checked,” Romany answered. “You don’t look half rough, lads. How did they get around you?”

“Dropped a flash grenade as they came in the door,” Chas said. “Blinded us all. Then beat the snot out of me and hit me on the back of the head and grabbed Gran. Dexter tried to run after, but got himself smacked around too by the look of him.”

“Blind as a fooking bat,” Dexter added. “I followed him upstairs and had to rely on sound. Bastard got me from behind. But Gran’s good?”

“I’ll find out in a tick. I wanted to come see you first. Thanks, both. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Get out of this line of work,” Dexter suggested. “It’s too dangerous for a family man. You and Saige, go home and make some babies.”

Romy laughed at his younger brother. “Best ask the lady if that’s what she wants. I’m easy to please. Give me a pretty woman, a soft bed and a bottle of cider, I’m a happy man.”

After leaving his brothers, they talked to the doctor who had examined his grandmother.

“She’s great,” he said, looking pleased. “She has some bumps and bruises, but nothing serious. She can go home tonight.”

Romy took Julia to his apartment. Once she was settled in bed, he and Saige cuddled up on the couch.

“Why did Ben hook up with me?”

Saige wanted to cry. She felt like everything was her fault. Ben attacked Julia and injured Romy’s brothers because of his jealousy.

“He did that to keep an eye on me. You lived directly above Gran. You saw her every day and had access to the place. You saw me on a regular basis. I made that part of his job easy. I was so attracted to you, I found excuses to stay over or drop by. Bollocks! This is my fault, Saige. I caused all this. I let my balls control my brains.”

“Ben caused all this. He’s the one who approached me. It was his idea we move in together. How convenient that he got thrown out of his apartment when he did. I was gullible, stupid, naive.”

“Women get taken advantage of a lot, Saige. From what I could see, he was smooth. He knew exactly what buttons to push.”

“He did his research well, Romy. He had this whole scenario about his abusive father and growing up with a single mom, just like me.”

“He didn’t count on Brodie,” Romy said with a grin.

“Successful, lovable, handsome, sexy Brodie.” She giggled sardonically. “Who knew? Everything Ben wanted to be but wasn’t. Why was he so upset about that? He didn’t want me himself, did he? All we did was fight.”

“It would be impossible to spend time around you and not love you, despite his original motivation. Besides, if you got involved with Brodie, there went his vantage point.”

“I hope he goes to prison for a very long time.”

“He will. Rimsky is chattering like a cold mouse on speed. He can’t talk fast enough. He’s told us so much about the organization that even without my testimony, we could put them all away for a very long time.”

They sat quietly, holding one another tightly, to assure themselves that they were both all right, it was over. Romy’s lips found hers, kissing her compellingly. Saige met his desire with hers. She loved him deeply and she wanted to be with him forever. Their embrace grew more impassioned. Romy picked her up, intent on getting her to bed as soon as possible, when her phone rang.
“Saige? It’s Mom.”

“Oh, Mom! I’m sorry. I completely forgot to call you.”

“It’s all over the news! Are you all right? What’s going on? Is Julia okay?”

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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