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Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

Undercover Lover – Part 47

“Oh, shit,” King hissed. “I remember where I’ve seen that face before.”

“What face?” Romy and Harmony asked him.

“The guy Brodie clocked.”

They waited for him to formulate his thoughts. “It was like two years ago, that’s why I didn’t place him right away. Going into your Gran’s building. He was with Rimsky.”

“What?” Romy was horrified. “What are you talking about?”

“That wimp Brodie hit in the face. He runs with Rimsky.”

“Holy shit,” Romy groaned. “Oh, my God. Why didn’t I see it? I didn’t even recognize him! What was I thinking?”

“He wasn’t out of place. He had a reason to be there. I didn’t put it together until Saige mentioned that she was what was different.”

Romy whipped out his phone and tried desperately to communicate with the other team, the one protecting his grandmother. He couldn’t reach them, nor could he reach his brothers.

“Change of plans, gents,” he announced. “We’ve got to go by Gran’s place.”

“What about Saige?”

“There’s no time to drop her off. Harm can let us out and drive her to safety.”

“I’m not leaving you,” Saige said irrationally.

“Love, you’ll be in danger.”

“Suzie and Brodie aren’t the only ones with skills, you know. You’ve been assuming all this time that I’m helpless.”

“Can you fire a weapon?”

“Damn near expert,” she replied proudly. “And maybe I can get in where you can’t. Ben would never expect me to be able to protect myself. He expects me to be helpless too.”

“I don’t like this, Saige. You could get hurt.”

“So could you.”

“But this is my job, love.”

“And I know Ben better than anyone. You can’t live with a man and not know the chinks in his armor.”

They dug a bullet proof vest out of their stash as well as a pistol. Romy handed her a gun carefully, still concerned by her ability to handle herself. Saige took the weapon with confidence, popping out the magazine before she examined the weapon.

“Sweet! Glock22, .40 caliber. Fifteen shots, lightweight, reliable, favorite of police and law enforcement worldwide.” She put the magazine back in with a grin and held out her hand for a spare.

“Want to know the specs on it? I used to have them memorized.”

“How do you know all this stuff?” Romy was awed.

“Four years in the Army.”

“Damn, you’re full of surprises.”

“I’ve plenty more saved up.” She kissed him, reminding herself what she held most dear.

They stopped a block away from her old apartment building. It looked quiet and normal until they got inside. Julia’s apartment door was smashed in, the interior total chaos. Things were broken, overturned, destroyed. In the middle of the disaster zone was a crumpled figure. Stifling a gasp, Romy ran to the man’s side.

“It’s Dexter,” he whispered. “He’s breathing.”

“I’m on it,” Harmony said quietly. “Go. I’ve got it.”

Harmony examined Dexter carefully as King led the others up the stairs. He moved silently for so large a man. Saige brought up the rear, Romy just ahead of her, to her left, as King moved forward to her right.

Using hand signals, they headed to her former apartment. The door was slightly ajar, a radio blaring. King checked the doorway carefully before they went in. Cautiously, they entered the apartment. There was nothing in the front rooms, but when they got to the bedroom there was another crumpled body. This time it was Chas. Brent knelt by him, taking his pulse. He was alive, but in pretty bad shape. There was a note taped to his chest.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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