Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

Undercover Lover – part 45

Saige and Romy spend a wonderful night together. Unfortunately, the next day has to be business as usual. 

 King and Harmony nearly exploded at the intentional double entendres couched in that remark. Sobering slightly, they went through their security routine. Two other men waited in the elevator. They were men that Saige didn’t know. Romy greeted them with a smile and nod.

The drive from the airport was fun. Saige hardly felt like she was out with a security detail. Instead, she thought of it as being out for a drive with the guys.

Harmony checked the rear view mirror. “We’ve got a tail, Rom.”

Romy looked out the back window, studying traffic. There was a dark blue sedan behind them that looked very familiar. Saige told Romy about the incident in the parking garage. The men got very quiet.

“Describe the driver,” Romy said, taking out his phone.

She told him what she remembered about the man at the wheel.

“Any distinctive marks? Warts, moles, scars, tattoos?”

Saige closed her eyes, rapidly decoding her memory. “Oh, yes! He had three teardrops by his eye.”

“Rimsky.” Romy looked worried. “Damn. I’d hoped he wasn’t the one behind it.” He spoke sharply into his phone. “Lose him,” he ordered.

Many things happened at once. Saige wasn’t sure of the exact order. She was too disoriented by the SUV speeding up, weaving in and out of traffic. Harmony sat relaxed behind the wheel, zipping along like a bumblebee on LSD.

Romy put his hand on her head, pushing down gently. “Best take a low profile, love. This car is bullet proofed, but why take chances?”

“Who’s Rimsky?” She said from his lap.

“One of the men under me. Stupid fooker, delusions of power, that one. Wants to take over.”

Two other vehicles cut in ahead of the blue sedan. Another ran interference directly behind them. Saige lost sight of the blue car, but Romy wasn’t satisfied until he heard from his men.

“Take the back roads. We may have to miss our lunch appointment,” he told Saige calmly. “Gran will understand.”

“Does she know what you do?”

“Not really. Over the years she’s learned not to ask too many questions.”

“I’m just the opposite. I’ve got questions out the ass.” She gasped as the car surged past a line of vehicles headed toward the exit at top speed.

“I may never be able to answer them.” Romy’s eyes held a deep sadness.

“I know,” she replied. “Answer what you can.”
“I promise.”

“We’ve picked up another detail,” King reported. “Fuckers were waiting near the off ramp. What the hell is going on?”

Romy glanced out the back window and saw a light green sedan following them now.

“Why are they being so obvious? They’re so high profile, we can hardly miss them,” Harmony remarked as he cut back on the highway.

“They’re herding us. They know how we’re evading. Saige, were you wearing any jewelry when you got hit with the chloroform? Watch, earrings, anything?”

“Yeah. I had on this watch but a different set of earrings

and a necklace.”

“Let me see the watch.”

She handed it to him. He pried the back off, examining it carefully. Nodding his head, he threw the watch out the window.

“I hope that didn’t have sentimental value.”

“I picked it up for ten dollars at Wal-Mart.”

“I’ll buy you a Rolex.”

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