Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

Undercover Lover – Part 42

Bored, but finished with work for the day, Brodie and Saige decide to play a video game. They both like “Guitar Hero II”, so they set it up to play. Brodie challenges Saige to a match, promising that if she at least tries competitive  he’ll play anything she wants in cooperative mode. 

Challenge Accepted.

Saige set it on expert level and started the song. From the beginning, it seemed as if Brodie had the lead. Her score crept up slowly until they hit the solo. Brodie made one mistake after another while Saige nailed nearly every note, her fingers flying over the keys. Laughing heartily, Brodie admitted defeat before the song was even over.

“Alright, you win! How did you get so good?”

“Ben was a fanatic for this game and liked to show me up. After getting humiliated a few times, I practiced. I can’t believe I missed that many notes. I’m rusty.”

“He must really have been a dick to live with,” Brodie said. “Why did you stay with him, Saige? He was rotten to you.”

“I didn’t realize how bad it was until it was over,” she said quietly. “Now I can look back and see how horrible he was.”

“When you got your feet in the fire,” King said in a low rumble. “You can’t always see it for what it is. I know I was like that with my ex. She put me through hell. Everything I did was to try and please her. Then I caught her cheating on me while I was home! She thought I’d gone to the gym, but I was working in the yard. Came in to get a shower and there they were.”

“I had a similar experience,” Brodie said somberly. “Did they invite you to join them?”

“No, cause I had a gun at the bitch’s head and told her to get out my bed. Dampened their enthusiasm.”

“I was invited to a threesome,” Brodie replied. “Not into sandwich action when I’m the filling,” he shook his head trying to clear the memory.

“Dude, that’s twisted!”

“Could we maybe change the subject?” Saige asked. “I’m not quite sure what sandwich action is or how one goes about being the filling….”

“Someone takes it up the ass,” Brodie interrupted with a grin.

“And I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to know,” she finished lamely. “Dammit, Brodie!” She smacked him as he laughed at her.

At dinnertime, they loaded up in the SUV and went to Julia’s again. Chas was there too, happy to see reinforcements. They were invited to dinner and couldn’t find any polite way to decline. Not that they wanted to, Julia was an incredible cook.

“I got the nickname Julia Child when I was younger because I was so good in the kitchen,” she told them proudly. “Didn’t have me own show, but I could out cook that old bitch any day!”

While they were there, Saige went through her belongings, pulling out clothing she had left behind. Julia loaned her an overnight bag and she packed what she needed. They cut their visit short, promising to come by the next day at lunch. As they walked out of her apartment, Saige stopped short, going pale. Ben stood at the base of the stairs.

“I thought I saw you come in,” he said in a tight voice. “Couldn’t pop upstairs and say hello to your old lover?”

“Ben, don’t,” she begged.

“I thought you said you weren’t with Brodie. Yet here he is. Funny how these things work out to me being right.”

“You don’t owe him any explanation,” Brodie told Saige, guiding her away from Ben with his arm around her protectively.

“Sure, go have your little orgy with the big, buff guys. Hey, Brodie, does she still squeak right before she comes?”

Brodie’s fist smashed into Ben’s nose, knocking him down. He slithered to the bottom of the stairs, landing in an untidy heap at the bottom.

“Should we leave him there?” King looked at Ben’s limp form.

“Someone will trip over him and get hurt,” Harmony said with concern. “Let’s at least get him upstairs. Still got your key?”

“Yes. One second.” Saige dug her keys out of her purse. 

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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