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Undercover Lover – Part 41

Brodie and Saige put in long hours on the Stevens project, trying to finish it. Inevitably, Brodie complains about Mr. Stevens, a self-important, annoying pimple of a man. 

“And that was one of the things he wanted from the start. Now he wants it back. So we have to rearrange the entire first floor again,” Saige explained.

“I hate this guy,” Brodie growled.

“Want me to break his legs?” King sounded completely serious. They didn’t realize he was kidding until he started to laugh. “Little bit of strong arm humor,” he chuckled. “You should see your face, Brodie. You’d love for me to do it.”

“I can’t emphasize what a pain in the ass this man is. I hope he dies in his sleep, after he pays me.”

Shortly before noon, they stopped so Saige could pay her lunchtime visit to Julia’s. Flanked by extra security, they moved quickly from building and car, keeping Saige between them. If sheer looks alone didn’t intimidate anyone who might be watching, the weapons they carried would.

Julia had lunch prepared and insisted they all share it with her. Having nothing much else to do, they sat down for fish and chips followed by a desert called Spotted Dick. The men were leery of trying it until she laughingly brought out a steamed pudding.

With many thanks and very full bellies, they reversed the process of their arrival and headed back to Suzie’s by a very indirect route. The man driving constantly checked the rear view mirror and the others kept an eye out for anyone who might be following them.

“Is someone watching Julia too?”

“Don’t worry about her. She’s being seen to. Romy can’t make her security as obvious as he can yours. He told Julia that stalker story to explain our presence,” King explained.

“Do we have to go through this every time we go out?”

“I’m afraid so,” King answered.

“How much is this costing tax payers?”

King’s smile spread across his dark face. His white teeth and sparkling eyes reminded Saige of Mr. Eko on “Lost”.

“We are doing this from the kindness of our hearts,” King replied with a wink. “This costs you nothing.”

“It’s already paid for,” his partner, Harmony said, who was driving. “Why do you think it costs the government three hundred dollars for a toilet seat?”

* * *

Back at the apartment, Saige and Brodie resorted to playing video games. He wanted a first person shooter, but Saige didn’t like the reminder that men with guns wanted to hurt her. They settled for “Guitar Hero II”. Saige had played it on the Sony Playstation, but Brodie had the X-Box version. She refused to play competitive, preferring to stick with the cooperative mode instead.

“You afraid I’ll whip your tight little ass?” Brodie asked her with a challenge in his eye.

“I wouldn’t want to humiliate you in front of King.”

“I hear a challenge in there, Brodie. You can’t let that go, man.”

“How about a compromise? I’ll play however many songs you want in co-op if you play me once in competitive. You can pick the song.”

“Do I have to win?”

“Nope, just give it a try.”

“Okay, deal. You heard him, King. You’re my witness. I don’t have to win.”

“I’m not getting into this battle.” He held up his hands helplessly. “Either way, you lose, Brodie. Cause if you embarrass her, she’s going to make you one miserable man.”

“I’m already miserable, what more can she do?”

Saige went to competitive mode and chose one of the most difficult songs in the game.

Jordan? You want to play me on this? That’s a pretty tough song.”

“You said I didn’t have to win.”

“Okay, but if I beat you, you can’t cry.”

“I promise.”

© 2012 Dellani Oakes