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Undercover Lover – Part 40

Because someone’s threatened Saige, she and Brodie plan to work at Suzie’s apartment for the day. He arrives in the morning and identifies himself, making it clear, by the use of Suzie’s confirmation name, that he is who he claims. He and Saige settle in for a day of work.

Saige laughed as she helped Brodie unload. He’d brought donuts and bagels as well as several files they could work on. He also had a bag of movies and video games.

“If we get bored, we can play,” he said with a grin. “Since we can’t occupy ourselves any better way.” He looked very disgusted at that thought.

“Sorry, Brodie. I’m spoken for.”

“I know. I’d try to steal you away, but Romy can kill me with his little finger. No booty is worth getting killed over.”

“Okay,” Suzie said brightly. “You know where everything is, right? You know how to reach us if you need us. I’ll be at Trevor’s,” she told Brodie.

“Everyone’s getting laid but me.” He looked disgusted.

“I love you anyway, Brodie.” Suzie gave him a kiss on the cheek. “See you later.”

“Try not to gloat too much. Hey, Trev. Congratz, man. Give her one for me, huh?”

Suzie slapped him, pretending to frown. “I’ll be sure to call your name loudly when he does. Oh, Brodie! Oh, oh!” She panted and moaned, saying his name over and over.

Brodie went red around the collar of his T-shirt. Swallowing with difficulty, he glanced at Suzie. “You’ve made your point.”

“Ooh, good,” she drawled. “So—good!” She added with a little catch in her throat.

Trevor and King looked mildly amused, but more than a little hot. King and Brodie exhaled slowly after she left. The tall, black man frowned slightly, looking between them.

“Help me out here. Who’s with who?”

“I work with Brodie,” Saige explained. “But I’m dating Romy.”

“And Suzie?”

“Is apparently with Trevor. Though one continues to hold out a vague hope,” Brodie commented dryly. “Me, I’m not with anyone. My life sucks.”

“I hear ya, friend. I broke up with my long time girl about a month ago. I found her in bed with someone else.”

“Me too,” Brodie said stiffly, not elaborating. “Can we talk about something else, please?”

“Yeah. I don’t much like being reminded I ain’t getting any either.”

“I realized after talking to Stan yesterday, we’ve got a lot more to change on Stevens’ project than we realized. He wants some stuff from the first design, elements of the second and a little bit of the third.”

“What a dick,” Saige commented as she cleared the dining table.

“I’m to the point, if he doesn’t like this design, he can go somewhere else. We’ll keep the designs to date and he can eat the expense. I’m not releasing these until the cheapskate pays for them.”

They settled down with their coffee and bagels for a long day of making changes to the plans. Brodie had his laptop with him and they plugged the changes into the architectural program.

“I’ll have Stan clean this up for me before we present. I hate doing it this way. He makes fewer mistakes than I do.”

“He’s good, but you’re a genius. I couldn’t ever do what you do, Brodie. I have no imagination at all.”

He chuckled, closing his computer. “Sure you do. Whose idea was the sushi and salad bar for the new health club? That was an inspiration.”

“People get hungry,” she shrugged. “After a workout, I always want to eat. But you’re there to get healthy and lose weight, so what could be better?”

King was interested despite himself. “This is for the new Stevens’ gym?”

“Yeah, you know him?”

“Not personally. I work out at one of them, but this new one is supposed to be closer to my house. Can I see?”

They showed him the elevation and basic floor plan that Stevens had rejected. He grinned, greatly impressed.

“This is cool. What’s wrong with it? It looks like it’s got everything.”

“I’m not really sure. He wants to increase the size of the lobby for one thing. No one hangs out in the lobby. We have plenty of space allotted to the food court, complete with tables. We had a juice bar, but he cut that after the first draft.”

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