Archive | October 14, 2012

Undercover Lover – Part 34

Security in place, it’s time for Brodie and Saige to head to Suzie’s. A brief deception, in case anyone is watching, and they head out. Saige realizes that Brodie is preoccupied by something. He isn’t acting like himself at all.

She walked out of the bar on Brodie’s arm, playing it up and acting like she was going to spend a happy night with him. He talked seductively and she clung to him. Stan stormed out after them, grabbing Brodie’s arm, jerking him away.

“I told you, not my sister. What’s wrong? You don’t speak English?” He shoved Brodie hard.

Brodie moved Saige out of the way, grabbing Stan by the shirt.

“Keep out of my business. She’s with me no matter what you say. Come on, baby. Let’s go. I’ve waited for you too long.”

Stan grabbed him again, spinning him around. Brodie hit his friend with what sounded like bone crunching force. Stan fell limply to the ground. Brent burst out of the back of the bar, running to Stan’s side.

“Hey, buddy. Let me help you.”

He dragged Stan to his car while Brodie led Saige to his. He took off at top speed, laying a little rubber in the parking lot, his powerful sports car roaring down the nearly empty streets.

“We’ll go to Suzie’s by a roundabout route. Want a drive to the lake and back?”

Saige was stunned by their performance. The anger and the punches seemed so real.

“You didn’t hurt him, did you?”

“Who, Stan? No. Sounded good, huh? He and I took stage combat when we were in college. We had a fleeting idea of becoming stunt men.”

“Chicks dig stunt men?”

“Something like that. If architecture ever gets boring, I figure we can always get into the exciting world of professional wrestling. Can you see me up against someone like Big Show?”

“I have no idea who that is.”

He laughed. “Not that impressive. Bet you recognize John Cena when you see him, though.”

“Hell yes. I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked.”

“I’d look better naked.”

“I can believe that.” She eyed him speculatively. “Yes, I can.”

“What did Romy tell them so you could identify them?”

“None of your business.”

He chuckled. “Ooh, that kind of thing, huh?”

“I’ll never tell. What’s the plan?”

“In case they followed us, we’re going to go out to the point and neck for awhile, then head to Suzie’s place. Think you can stand to neck with me for a little while?”

“I can if you can. I didn’t find it exactly disgusting, you know.”

“Yeah, well, if I get too fresh, you have my permission to smack me.”

“You need to get laid, Brodie.”

His jaw tightened and he wouldn’t look at her. “Yeah, okay. Different subject. When we get back to Suzie’s we go in, I stay a convincing amount of time for a rendezvous and split. Trevor is spending the night. Brent will be outside. You’ll be well protected, Saige.”

“Brodie, what do you know about Romy’s job? I got the impression at the office you know more than you’re saying.”

“Maybe it would be better if I asked how much you know.”

“Fair enough. I know he’s an independent agent and right now he’s working undercover for the ATF.”

“That’s what he told you?” He looked surprised.

“Yeah. Is he lying to me?”

“No, no. I’m just surprised he told you that much. He must really trust you. He’s been working this particular case in one aspect or another for several years. He’s infiltrated the organization and has worked from the bottom up. With this kind of work, he could get his cover blown or get hit by the opposition. There’s also the possibility of getting arrested by a different organization. ATF isn’t the only one looking at these boys.”