Undercover Lover – Part 33

As the arrangements are made for Saige’s safety, she realizes what good friends she has. Stan and Brodie have both offered to protect her from harm. Stan would love to blame it all on Ben.

“Blame anything you want to on Ben. It’s indirectly his fault. If he weren’t such a manky twit, I wouldn’t have been driving around anyway.” She imitated Romy’s accent without meaning to.

“You’re beginning to sound like him,” Stan grinned. “Not a bad thing, different.” He shrugged, casting around for something else to say. “I am happy for you, Saige. Jealous as hell of him! Goes without saying, I suppose.”

“I suppose, but I still like to hear it.”

“So, do you think Brodie’s going to kill Mr. Stevens before this project is over?”

“No, but I can see him losing his temper. You didn’t see him on the phone today. It was scary. I’m glad he’s never been that mad at me. I’d run.”

“Stevens is an idiot who assumes because he’s fat and important, he can boss people around. He’s about to meet the Brodie Wall.”

“What’s that?”

“We used to call him that when we played football in high school. He wasn’t all that big until our junior year. He grew like crazy over the summer and could have been a defensive line all by himself.”

“What position did he play?”

“Brodie? Quarterback, of course. Can you see him being anything but the most glamorous position on the team?”

She glanced at Brodie, deep in conversation with Brent. “No. So, what position did you play?”

“Center. Not as glamorous, but I got to knock people down. That worked for me.”

“Isn’t Brodie kind of big for a quarterback? They need speed more than brawn.”

“Well, he wasn’t as big as he is now. But he is, without doubt, the fastest man I know.”

Brent was done talking to Brodie and came over to talk to Saige.

“Trevor is tightening security at Suzie’s,” he explained. “He’ll call when he’s done. Brodie and Stan will help me get you to Suzie’s. Don’t worry about work tomorrow or Wednesday. Brodie has it under control. You’ll be able to hang out at Suzie’s.”

“Look, I really appreciate all this, but I’ve got obligations. And what am I going to tell my mother? She’s already worried about me as it is. If I take two days off work and don’t go home, she’s going to go nuts.”

“I’ve got that under control too,” Brodie told her. “Don’t worry, I’ll talk to your mother and explain.”

“Mrs. Cross! I’m supposed to check on her while Romy’s gone. She’s expecting me.”

“We can get you to and from Julia’s without a problem,” Brent told her.

“And my stuff in the apartment. What about Ben? My life is a wreck.”

“I’ve got a mover going to your old place tomorrow. Make a list of what isn’t yours and they will pack up the rest,” Brent told her. “We’ll put it in storage.”

“Did you guys think of everything?”

“I’m sure we’ve forgotten something,” Brodie said with a chuckle. “But you’ll remind us if we did.”

Brent’s phone rang. “That’s Trevor. He’s set on his end.”

“What do we do now?” Saige was suddenly afraid.

“Now we get you out of here hopefully without the bad guys knowing who you are and where you’re going.”

“How do we do that? They obviously know I’m here.”

He handed her Suzie’s apron and a hair scrunchie. “You’re now Suzie leaving work with Brodie. There will be an argument between Brodie and Stan. Make it look real, but try not to hurt each other,” he cautioned the men. “You leave with Brodie. Stan and I follow you.”

“Is all this necessary?” Saige was upset and tired. Her head ached terribly and somehow this all seemed pointless.

“It may not be, but why risk it?”

Taking the apron and hair scrunchie, she made herself look as much like Suzie as she could. She hadn’t realized how much they were alike in general coloring and build.



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