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Undercover Lover – Part 32

Saige’s unfortunate experience in the bathroom leads them to make the decision for her to stay with Suzie overnight. Romy sends some of his men to accompany and protect them. To verify their identities, Romy tells them about a mole in a rather personal place. Embarrassed, Saige changes the subject abruptly.

 Brent looked relieved. Trevor took a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

“How did you decide who told me?” She was curious since both of them seemed so perturbed by the message.

“We tossed a coin and did rock, paper, scissors,” Brent replied. “Best out of something like a hundred.”

She giggled rather nervously. “It was very convincing and we can all forget he said anything.”

Brent sported a wedding band, Trevor didn’t. Trevor eyed her much more closely than he should have and she felt as if he were trying to figure out exactly where her mole was. She cleared her throat and he jumped, blushing furiously.

“Sorry. Just after seeing you, I kind of wondered exactly where ….”

Saige pointed to the mole’s location, showing a spot to the right and halfway down her pants zipper. “Right about there. Satisfied?”

“Not exactly,” Trevor laughed shakily. “But at least my curiosity is.”

Brent punched him on the shoulder, knocking him back a step. Trevor smiled another apology and followed her back to her friends.

“Which of you is Brodie?” Brent asked.

Her boss stepped forward, hand extended in greeting. “I am.” He introduced Stan and Suzie.

“Cool, you’re all here.”

He glanced around at the rest of the staff. They were pointedly ignoring the group in the

corner. He motioned them all to take a seat. Pitching his voice low, Brent explained.

“Romy is a pal of ours. We work together from time to time. We can’t be more specific, I’m sorry.” He looked at Suzie who had opened her mouth to ask him something.

“We’re doing this as a favor,” Trevor added. “He’s in the middle of a tight situation. When you were seen together, these guys made some assumptions. They don’t like how fast he’s advanced past them. One guy wanted his job, so when Romy got it instead, he started plotting to get even. He knows he can’t stop Romy without starting a major, in-house war, so instead he’s trying to make him back off. He figures you’re leverage.

“Why did he approach her if he knew they were watching?” Brodie was angry, trying hard to control it. “He put her in danger for no reason.”

“Actually, Mr. Brodie, he was afraid there was going to be gunfire. Where Saige was parked, she would have been caught between us and them. He broke deep cover to protect her. He had to weigh the cost. Put her in danger for a few days or watch her die.” Trevor explained.


“We’ll need to see your apartment, Miss Graph,” Trevor went on. “Can you take me there before we bring Saige?”

“Sure. Let me get my keys.” She went to the back and got her things, briefly explaining to her parents why she was going.

“They’re very curious,” she said. “We’ll have to come up with a good story.”

“Tell them Saige has a stalker and I hired these guys as security,” Brodie improvised. “After what just happened, they’ll believe it.”

“Sounds good,” Trevor and Brent agreed.

Trevor left with Suzie. Brent talked privately with Brodie. That left Stan and Saige together.

“So, Romany, huh?” He nodded. “Got yourself in a mess.”

“Yeah. This all happened before we had sex, though.” She wanted to make that clear for some reason. “I inadvertently got in the middle of a mess. It wasn’t his fault.”

“Can we find a way to blame this on Ben so I can break his legs? I really want to hurt someone right now.”