Undercover Lover – Part 30



 Saige went to the restroom and didn’t come back right away. Worried, Brodie and Stan investigate. They find Saige passed out in one of the stalls. Brodie carries her out, but gets reprimanded by the EMT for moving her.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Do you smell that?” Brodie asked.


The EMT sniffed. “Yeah. Shit, is that chloroform?”

“Smells like it to me. I kept thinking it smelled like biology class when I walked in,” Brodie told them.


“I need you to step out of the way, sir. Let us take a look.”


They examined Saige carefully. By the time they were done, she started to come around.


“Can you tell us what happened?” One of them asked.


“I’m not sure. I went to the toilet and was at the sink washing my hands. There was one other woman in here. She was tall, not very attractive. I kept thinking it was a guy in drag.


We were chatting, girl stuff, you know. I went to get a towel and all of a sudden she grabbed me from behind and pressed something over my face. She was really strong. That’s all I remember.”


“Did you have anything with you?”


“No. My purse was on the table with the guys.”


“I brought it with me,” Stan said. “I didn’t think I should leave it on the table with none of us there.”


“Well, we can rule out robbery,” the EMT said. “I’ve got to report this as an assault, Miss Ingalls. Can we call anyone for you?”


“No. It’s okay. I’m fine.”

“That settles it,” Brodie said firmly. “You’re spending the night at my place.”

“No, she’s not. I’ll take her home with me,” Suzie said firmly.

“Suzanne,” his tone was dangerous.

“Malcolm,” she matched it. “Can I talk to you one quick second?”

Sighing resignedly, he followed her outside to the alley. Turning to her, he folded his arms, looking down at her.

“You can’t take her home with you.”

“Why, because she’s dating Romy? I’m not going to fuck her, Suzie.”

“That’s precisely the problem, Bro. Think about it, dummy. Which will torture your celibate balls less? Her staying with you, or her staying with me?”

Brodie took roughly a tenth of a second to consider it. “Okay. You win.”

“I thought I presented a convincing argument.”

“When are you ever going to relent and go out with me, Suzie?”

“It’s just your pain asking, Brodie. You don’t want me.”

“How do you know?”

“Because right now you’d do anything with the proper equipment. There’s a bar full of beautiful women. Hit on them, why don’t you?”

He shook his head. “Why won’t you believe that I really want to go out with you?”

“Because I’ve known you since I was five. You know me too well. We’d kill each other in a matter of days,” Suzie replied.

“Have I ever mentioned I hate it when you’re right?”

“Not today. Let’s get back in.”

The EMT was talking to Stan when they walked back in. “She won’t need to go to the hospital. We’ve checked her over and except for a whopping headache, she’s fine.”

“Thanks,” Brodie said. “We appreciate it, gentlemen.”

“Come back when you’re off duty and have dinner on us,” Suzie offered.

“Thanks, that would be great.” One of them replied.

Brodie couldn’t tell them apart even with their names on their shirts. They were both big, buff and male. He had no further interest. Suzie flirted with them both as she walked out with them. Brodie wanted to cry and vomit simultaneously.

Saige sat on the couch in their favorite alcove when Suzie came back with their food.

“Feel like eating?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty hungry,” Saige answered.

“You need to call your mother,” Suzie reminded her. “Or I can if you want me to.”

“If I don’t do it, she’ll freak if I tell her later.” Saige pulled out her cell phone. “I should call Romy too.”

She hit speed dial for her mother. A short, rather hysterical conversation later, she had convinced her mother she was fine and would be spending the night with Suzie.


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