Undercover Lover – Part 29

Saige and Stan plan to meet Brodie at the restaurant so he can go home to change. While there, they see Stan’s sister, Suzie, who works there as a waitress.

“What’s he laughing at?

“Oh, tell her. Please. Suzie will love this!”

“What will I love?”

“Saige has a new man,” Stan told her. “But before she went to bed with him, Brodie and I both kissed her.”

“I knew you had,” Suzie scolded him. “Right in front of Brodie, no less. So who was the best kisser?” She sat down at the table. She could get away with things like that since her folks owned the place.

“I told Brodie that Romy had an unfair advantage. His kisses led to an avalanche of devastating multiple orgasms.”

“Oh, you didn’t!”

“I swear. You can ask him.”

“That’s the best answer ever! Can I use that?”

“Whenever you can fit it into conversation, be my guest.”

“So, Romy, huh? Oh, he’s so hot his pants are on fire. Is he good?” She leaned toward Saige ready to discuss the night in detail.

“I’m still here, you know,” Stan fussed. “I have ears and I am at the table.”

“I know you are. Shut up, I want details.”

“I’m not giving specific details,” Saige blushed.

“Why not? Oh, you don’t talk about your man?”

“Oh, hell no! I don’t want to make Stan feel inadequate.”

“Thanks, Saige. I’m feeling the love at this table. Yo, Brodie! The girls are gankin’ me.”

“Suzanne, are you and Saige being mean to Stanley?”

“We were discussing her big night in great detail. You missed it,” Suzie teased.

“No they weren’t, they were making me feel bad about my sexual performances to date.”

“Wow. I didn’t think that was possible. Stan is, by his own admission, a love god.”

“Look who’s talking,” Stan pointed at Brodie.

“I wouldn’t know, I haven’t made it with either of you, so I’m no fair judge,” Saige giggled, kissing them both.

“Me either,” Suzie laughed. “Well, not with Brodie. Screwing my brother would be sick.”

“We took that as a given, Suzie.” Stan looked embarrassed.

“Was it magic?” Suzie’s eyes glowed.

“Walk me to the ladies’ room and I’ll tell you. I don’t think the guys want to hear.”

“Damn right, I don’t,” Brodie shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “On your way back, would you bring me a Gray Goose? Dirty,” he added as an afterthought.

“Beer for me,” Stan added.

“Thank God,” Brodie rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I don’t need to hear about how amazing another man was in bed. I really hoped it would be me. Fuck, I need a woman.”

“Bro, there’s plenty around.” Stan gestured at the bar in general.

“Yeah. You think Suzie would go out with me?”

“No. Forget it. She’s my kid sister. Do you think I’d let a guy like you date her?”

“Nope. Wouldn’t let me in high school, won’t let me now. She’s a gorgeous woman, Stan. If I don’t snag her, some piece of shit might try.”

“Then Suzie can kill him. She’s not a black belt for nothing, you know. She’d break your arm if you tried anything.”

Suzie came back with their drinks. “Can I get you anything else?”

“Yeah, a woman like you, neat,” Brodie slumped to the table with his head on his arms. “Since that’s not likely to happen, a steak, rare, baked potato with sour cream, butter and fried onions.”

“Stan, your usual barf burger?”

“Yup. Hey, what about Saige? I’m buying her dinner.”

“She’s already ordered. Not to worry, big brother. Brodie, are you okay?”
“No, I’m dying from unrequited love, Suzie. When are you going to go out with me?”

“Never. Let me get your food orders in.” She walked off with a special twitch in her hips that she saved for Brodie.

“She’s gonna crack any day. She will be mine!” Brodie punched the air.

“Right about the time all hell freezes over. What’s up with you? You aren’t usually drinking dirty martinis and hitting on my sister this early in the week.”

Brodie gave him a look that spoke volumes.

“Forget I asked, Bro.”

“What am I doing wrong, Stan?”

“You’re off your game, Bro. Amanda worked you bad. She got to your mind and screwed it so much you can hardly see straight.”

“And then some. I wonder what’s taking Saige so long in the bathroom. Shouldn’t she be back by now?”

“Maybe she’s checking her makeup.”

“And maybe she isn’t.” Brodie stood suddenly, nearly knocking the table over, beckoning to Suzie.

She walked quickly toward him, he met her halfway. “Where’s Saige?”

“I was about to ask you that. Will you help me check and make sure she’s okay? She might be sick or something.”

“Sure, hon. Come on.”

Brodie followed Suzie to the ladies’ room. Tapping on the door, Suzie walked in. There were no other women in there, so he walked in behind her.

“Saige?” Suzie called. “Saige? Check the stalls.”

Brodie ran to the opposite side of the long bathroom. He checked the stalls as Suzie worked her way toward him.

“Here she is!” He lifted Saige in his arms, barely able to back out of the stall, his shoulders brushing the edges.

She was unconscious, sitting on the toilet, fully clothed. Suzie pulled out a cell phone and called 911.

“Is she breathing?”

“Yeah. You smell something?”

“That sick sweet smell? Yeah. That’s not her cologne.”

“No, that’s chloroform.”

“What’s going on?” Stan ran in the bathroom ahead of the paramedics.

“We found her unconscious in the stall,” Brodie answered.

“You shouldn’t have moved her, sir,” the paramedic said as he and his partner laid Saige on the floor.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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