Undercover Lover – Part 28

Saige has had a little bit of a scare. Thanks to Stan and Brodie, it wasn’t worse. Worried about her safety, the men decide she shouldn’t go home, but stay with one of them since Romy is out of town.  They stop at Kelley’s for dinner and drinks.

 “I’m calling Pete now,” Bill told him politely. “He’s on his way now, Mr. Brodie.”

“Thanks, Bill. We’d better move our cars,” Brodie said.

“I’ll get yours, Miss Ingalls,” Bill said helpfully. He pulled her car directly behind the security booth. It was small enough to be out of the main lanes of traffic.

Brodie and Stan pulled into a couple empty spots nearby as other employees lined up to leave, ogling the police cars with curiosity.

“Nothing to see here, folks,” the police officers said as they directed the traffic.

Pete, the head of building security, was the only man Saige had ever met who was bigger than Brodie, but not by much. He shook Brodie’s hand and spoke to him respectfully. He took Saige’s hand, holding it gently but reassuringly.

“Miss Ingalls, I’m so sorry this happened. I assure you, we are checking the security feeds now to see if we can find out more about the car and driver. You did just the right thing.”

“I was very lucky. I feel bad about hitting that other car, though.”

“We’ll take care of that. Don’t worry,” Pete assured her.

Saige trembled, knees suddenly weak. Brodie lifted her up, setting her on the hood of her car.

“Will you be all right? I’ll see you home.”

“I have to stop and see Romy’s Gran,” she reminded him. “I don’t want to keep you. I’m sure it was an isolated incident.”

“We’ll beef up security down here. I promise you, nothing like this will happen again.”

“Thanks, Pete.”

“I’m glad you’re all right, Saige.” Pete shook her hand again and went back to his office.

Stan took her keys and lifted her off the car. “Come on. I’ll drive you by your old place. We’ll take my car. Bill can look after yours for the night.”

“Sure, no problem, Mr. Graph.” He took her car key from Stan. “The key will be in the security office in the morning.”

“How am I going to get to work?”

“I’ll come get you,” Brodie assured her. “Better yet, we’ll buzz by your mom’s after we see Julia. You can stay in my spare room.”

“I’m fine, guys. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Get in the damn car, Saige. We aren’t taking no as a viable answer,” Stan opened the car door for her.

Instead of arguing, she got in. As soon as they backed out, Bill moved her car in the place, locked it and pocketed the key. Brodie followed them to her old apartment building. Both men escorted her to Julia’s apartment. Saige knocked, but didn’t get an answer. Tapping lightly, she unlocked the door. Mrs. Cross wasn’t in the apartment. In a panic, Saige called Chas, as it was his turn to spend the night with their grandmother.

“Sorry, sweets, I’ve got Gran at the hair dresser’s. Her appointment ran late. Sorry to give you a scare.”

“As long as she’s all right,” she said quietly. “I’ll lock up now. Tell Julia I’ll stop by tomorrow at lunch.”
“Will do. Gran sends her love. Ta.”

“I need a drink,” Stan groaned as they left the apartment.

“Let’s meet at Kelley’s?”

“Yeah, I’ll meet you there in a couple minutes. I need to stop at home and change. I don’t feel like trying to relax in a three piece suit.”

“Okay, we’ll see you there.”

Brodie took off in the opposite direction as Stan eased his car into traffic.

“He’s probably going to clean up the apartment. He thinks he’s messy.”

“Brodie? He’s so anal, I can’t believe he’d ever leave a mess.”

“Not a mess like we’d define one,” Stan laughed. “If there’s a single dirty dish or a crumb on the floor, Brodie will have a fit. The more tense he gets, the cleaner his place is. It’s practically sterile right now.”

“Why’s he so uptight?”

“You seriously don’t know? He hasn’t made it with anyone since Amanda dumped him.”

“Our Brodie’s been celibate?”


“Well, that explains a lot. No wonder he nearly took Mr. Stevens’ head off today.”

“Don’t tell him I told you, okay? He’s embarrassed enough about it.”

“I won’t say a word. It makes me feel bad though. Shit.”

“It’s better this way, really. I know why he has that rule. Couple office relationships went south rapidly. It wasn’t pretty. The only reason I don’t have that policy is because I haven’t gotten burned that bad. He’ll be okay. Brodie’s got to get his man berries back, that’s all.”

“I don’t even want to know what that means,” Saige giggled.

“No, you don’t.” Stan laughed.

They pulled into the parking lot for Kelley’s. Stan put the car in park, but turned to her before shutting it off.

“I’m glad you’re happy, babe. I mean that. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to get together.”

“It would have been magic, Stan.”

“Yeah, but you did right. Brodie would have killed me afterwards, starting by ripping off my balls.”

Saige punched him in the arm. “Buy me a drink, Stanley.”

Helping her out, he pulled her to him. “So, who’s the best kisser?”

“Why is it so important to know that? Brodie asked me the same damn thing.”

“Well, what did you tell him?”

“Buy me dinner, I’ll tell you.”

“I was gonna buy you dinner anyway, but okay.”

She repeated what she had said to Brodie. Stan was still laughing when they got seated at their table. Suzie, his younger sister, was their waitress.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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