Undercover Lover – Part 27

Brodie and Stan nearly come to blows each of them thinking the other is the one who put the smile on Saige’s face. Fortunately, they believe her when she tells them it was Romy instead. Disappointed, they are still happy for her.

Saige laughed, nearly choking on her pork fried rice. “It’s okay, Brodie. I’m a big girl. Nothing either of you can do or say today is going to get to me. I’m way too happy.”

“I give it a day to wear off. This time tomorrow, she’ll be back to her morose self.”

“He’s out of town the next two days,” she pouted. “I’ll be morose by dinner time.”

“Where’d he go?”

“Out of town on business.”

“He didn’t tell you where?” Stan was getting nosy.

Saige leaned in toward the men in a conspiratorial fashion. “Do you know what he does?”

Stan shook his head, Brodie looked impassive, which meant he probably had a pretty good idea.

“Neither do I,” she said in a stage whisper.

Brodie nodded, smiling slightly. She was right, he did know something.

Stan tossed his hands up in disgust. “You are impossible, you know? All I know is he doesn’t talk about his work. And it’s not a cellphone making that bulge under his jacket. Probably a drug dealer. There’s his flaw, I knew I’d find a convincing reason why you should sleep with me instead.”

“He’s not a drug dealer, Stan. And even if he was, I’d put up with just about anything if

he gave me a steady supply of amazingly fabulous orgasms.”

Stan spewed chow mien nearly onto Brodie’s desk. Laughing and apologizing, he cleaned up his mess. Brodie looked at him as he groveled on the floor.

“Weren’t expecting her to say that, huh?”

Stan made an eloquent gesture as he finished cleaning up his mess. Brodie held out his knuckles for Saige to tap.

“Respect,” he laughed as she tapped her knuckles against his. “Oh, Stan, we’ve got some changes to incorporate on the Stevens blueprint. Can you bring it in at two?”

“Yeah. What does the fat fuck want today?”

“To go back to the original design that we did weeks ago, with changes. I’ll tell you when you come in. God, I hate that man.”

“Maybe we can get Romy’s drug dealing friends to off him,” Stan said as he brushed the wrinkles out of his slacks.

“He’s not a drug dealer, Stanley,” Saige said in an angry tone.

“Whoa, take it easy girlfriend,” he said in a high voice. “I’m not dissing your main squeeze.”

“Shut up, Stan,” they said in unison.

“Talk to the hand,” he tossed his straight black hair out of his face.

Saige threw her napkin at him. Stan bent over to pick it up and came up with a snap like Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde”.

“Dropped something, sweetie,” he said with another toss of his hair.

They nearly laughed themselves sick as he sashayed out of their office back to his own.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Mr. Stevens called back three more times, but Saige managed to hold him off. He got nasty and abusive the third time, so she hung up on him. He didn’t call back.

Shortly after five, she, Brodie and Stan caught the elevator to the parking garage. Brodie was in an executive spot near the elevator, but she and Stan were farther away. The men walked her to her car and made sure she was secure before they went to their vehicles. A blue sedan circled the parking area slowly as if looking for a parking space. Saige grew suspicious when it passed three open spots, stopping almost directly behind her.

She knew better than to get out of her car. Waiting to see what they were going to do, she watched in her rear view mirror. When it became apparent that they weren’t going to move, she planned her escape. If she didn’t mind doing a little damage to the neighboring cars, she could get out. A Cooper Mini is small and maneuverable. Their big sedan was the Incredible Hulk in comparison.

Putting her car in reverse, she backed quickly, nearly into the sedan. Clipping the bumper of the car to her right, she cut hard, turning her car so she was parallel the sedan. She got a good look at the driver, then gunning her motor, backed up to the next aisle between rows. Slamming the car in drive, she took off quickly, honking her horn as she approached the security booth. The guard hopped out, nearly falling over her hood.

“There’s a blue sedan back there, Billy. The guys tried to jump me. Call the cops!”

He was already dialing. “Did you get the plate?”

“No, but the driver is over six feet tall, dark hair and a mustache. There were three men in the car. There they are!”

The blue sedan rushed toward them and barreled through the entrance, breaking the gate. Pieces of wood flew in a dozen different directions, barely missing the guard. He stood his ground, reading off the license plate to the police. No concern for his own safety, he ran to Saige’s car, checking on her.

“Are you okay, Miss Ingalls?”

“Yeah, I’m all right, Billy. It shook me up some, that’s all.”

Brodie and Stan pulled up moments after the sedan broke the gate. Both men were out of their cars instantly.

“Are you okay? What’s going on?” They talked at once, both asking the same questions, almost in unison.

Saige was so shaken, she started laughing hysterically and was still laughing when the police showed up.

“We didn’t see them, Miss Ingalls,” the police officer told her with a frown. “But Bill got the plate and we’ll see what we can track down. I have to tell you though, it was probably stolen.”

“Bill, can more security be put on down here? What if Saige had been alone down here?” Brodie asked.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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