Undercover Lover – Part 25

After her wonderful night with Romy, Saige wakes the next morning happy and ready to start her day. Feeling better than she has in ages, she heads to work.

 Saige nearly forgot to set her alarm as she fell into bed, a delighted smile on her lips. Could there be a more perfect man than Romy? Probably, but not for her. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends. She sobered slightly, wondering how she would tell Brodie and Stan about Romy. Shoving worry aside, she fell asleep, imagining Romy’s arms around her all night long.

Saige woke the next morning without a headache. She stretched and her muscles didn’t kink up painfully. Her body felt wonderful. Memories of Romy flooded her mind as she smiled.

When she went out to get her morning coffee, her mother noticed the smile and laughed.

“You have the look of a woman who has been truly satisfied for the first time in her life.”

“Oh, I am! I can even breathe better! Who knew!”

“I’ve felt that good a few times. Though not as often as I’d like. I’m happy for you, sweetheart. You’ve found a wonderful man.”

Saige spun in a circle, arms flung wide. “I’m free!” She giggled, nearly collapsing in a heap. “I didn’t know how trapped I felt until I woke up this morning and I didn’t have to pretend everything was all right.”

“Get your coffee, it’s fresh. You’ll be late if you linger. You’ve got a longer drive in this morning, remember?”

“I haven’t forgotten. I’m enjoying this luscious sensation a little while longer.”

Blair laughed as she walked out to the deck for her morning coffee. Saige joined her for a few minutes, then rushed inside to have a quick shower.

On her way to work, she listened to a mix CD of songs that Ben absolutely hated. It made her feel good to turn it up and sing at the top of her lungs. As she got to her desk, she sang Wonderboy by Tenacious D. People looked at her strangely.

“Sorry,” she apologized to the room in general. “Happy Monday?”

Brodie walked in a couple minutes later. She took a cup of coffee in to him although he hadn’t asked her for one. His grin of surprise turned appraising as he looked at her. He closed the door, turning his back to Mr. Winchester’s office.

“Hello to you. Someone had a good night. Anyone I know?”

“God, is it that obvious?”

Brodie chuckled, tracing the line of her cheek with a finger. “I know the look of a woman who’s been completely satiated, trust me.” He winked as he sipped his coffee. “There was a time when I selfishly hoped that would be my honor, but it’s just as well.” He sighed rather sadly. “So, do I know him?”

“Yeah.” She perched on the edge of his desk, facing him. “Romy Cross.”

“No kidding? I didn’t know you knew him. Cool guy. He and his brothers live downstairs.”

“His grandmother lives under my old place. She adopted me when I moved in. She always wanted a granddaughter and all she got were boys.”

“I’m happy for you, Saige. Have you told Stan yet?”

“Not had a chance. I wanted to thank you again for being there for me. I kind of regret things didn’t work out the way you’d have liked.”

“But only kind of?” He smirked, so she knew he was kidding.

“There is a beauty to this relationship with Romy,” she said as she straightened his tie.

“Oh?” He wanted to kiss her again. The memory of her lips on his was still fresh.

“Yep. I don’t work with him.” She smirked, tapping Brodie on the nose. “Do not work with him.” She emphasized each word.

Brodie’s laugh followed her out of the office. “Get me Stretch, please?”

“Of course, Mr. Brodie,” she imitated Mrs. Cross perfectly. “I’ll get him for you, love.”

Her happy mood was noticed by everyone she saw. While in the ladies’ room, Bonnie, Tracy, Joni and Dido cornered her.

“So, did you finally make it with Brodie?” Joni asked.

“Nope! Next guess.”

“Oh, it was Stan! I knew it!” Tracy looked disappointed.

“Wrong again. You’ll never guess.”

“Chris?” Dido asked her. “No, wait that was Joni.”

“Danny?” This from Tracy.

“Come on! Give!” They chorused.

“He’s supposed to stop by later,” she said teasingly. “You can see him then. All I’m going to tell you is that he’s British.”

“Oh, la,” Tracy giggled. “He’s a British lad, is he?”

“Anyone who can put that big a smile on your face,” Joni said as they walked back to her desk, “I’d like to meet.”

“You’re in luck,” Saige adjusted her jacket. “He just got off the elevator.”

Their eyes followed hers to the bank of elevators about ten feet away. Romy stood there dressed in a blue pinstripe suit and red Converse high tops. He looked confused as to which way to go. Saige waved when he glanced her way. Smiling, he walked to her desk, giving her a very chaste kiss.

“Hey, love. Here’s the key. Thanks for dropping in. Gran knows to expect you. If she doesn’t answer right away, just let yourself in. I’ll be back Wednesday night. I’ll make sure the lads clear out early, yeah?”

“Yeah. Oh, before you go, the girls want to meet you.”

“Oh, they do?” Romy smirked, looking up with an expectant, happy grin. “Why’s that?”

“You awesome man.” Tracy nearly knocked him down as she hugged him. “I’m Tracy. This is Dido, Joni and that’s Bonnie. We couldn’t wait to meet the man that made our sister smile.”

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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