Undercover Lover – Part 22

Realizing that her time with Ben was a waste, Saige is ready to move on. She hadn’t realized how fond she was of Romy until now. Throwing caution to the wind, she makes a snap decision which is totally uncharacteristic for her, but she knows it’s the right one.

Saige smiled, liking where the evening was going. Making a call of her own, she told her mother she was going to be home late and not to wait up.

“Where are you, Saige? I’ve been worried.”

“I ran into a friend of mine. We went out to dinner. I’ll be heading over there for awhile. I’m not sure when I’ll get back.”

“Is this a male friend?” Her mother’s tone was unmistakably chilly.

“If it is, so what? It’s not Brodie or Stan. I don’t see how this makes any difference.”

“Honey, Ben’s a complete basket case. He just left and he’s very distraught.”

“I guess we each have a different way of showing how we feel then. I’m finding it really hard to care. I love you, Mom.”

“Make good choices, Marjorie Saige.”

“One of my best I’ve ever made, Mom. Don’t worry.” She hung up with a laugh. Let her mother digest that one.

Romy came back in right after she hung up. He was smiling. “Fancy seeing my place?”

“Love to. I’d better get my car.”

“Oh, right. He’s on his way then?”

“According to my mother, he left moments before I called.”

“Did you tell her?” He sounded shocked.

“I told her I was visiting a friend and would be out late.”

“You do know this isn’t a casual invitation, right? I mean, you can say no. I really hope you don’t….”

She put her fingers on his lips, halting the babble. “I know and I don’t want to say no.”

He did a quick, cursory check of the car and opened her door. He drove rapidly to her old apartment building where she picked up her car. They drove to his apartment, taking back roads to avoid Ben, thus doubling the distance, but she didn’t mind. She parked under the awning at the back of the building and he pulled up beside her.

Eager and excited, he led her to his apartment. It was very masculine in decor. The walls were a dark sandy brown with terracotta trim. The furniture and decorations gave it a dusty, Southwestern feel. She didn’t have time to give it more than a quick look. As soon as the door was shut and locked, Saige leaned against it. Romy placed his hands on either side of her, pressing against the wall. He leaned in, inches from her face.

“You can still go, Saige,” his voice was deeply seductive.

“I don’t want to. This is where I want to be, Romy.”

“Just checking.” He lowered his mouth to hers.

His kiss left her breathless. If she had thought Brodie’s kiss powerful and Stan’s seductive, they had nothing on Romy’s kiss. Brodie’s kiss was liquid sex, Romy’s was an uncorked orgasm. His lips, hands and tongue wove their spell before she was even undressed.

He led her down a short hall to his bedroom. It was sparsely furnished, but he had a king sized bed and that was all that mattered. He held her gently but firmly against him, his hands becoming familiar with the curves of her body as he took her clothing off like magic.

Saige helped him undress, sliding her hands inside his shorts, dropping them to the floor in a tangled heap. He stood by the bed in his boxers, taking her bra off. With a stifled gasp, he set her breasts free.

“Magnificent.” He covered her with kisses as he lifted her to the center of the bed.

She could hardly stand waiting another minute, but he seemed determined to prolong their foreplay as long as possible. With a laugh, he tossed his boxers aside. His hands slid inside her panties, pulling them slowly down as she wiggled out of them.

“You’re so beautiful, Saige,” he murmured, kissing her belly, letting his mouth drift between her legs.

She’d never had a man do that before. Unsure what to expect, she almost fought him. Persistent, he kissed her until she was reassured a little before working his way back down. The second his tongue touched her, she jumped, gasping from the sheer pleasure of it. He licked her into a frenzy, then entered her at a leisurely pace.

His body felt so natural with hers, as if he was meant to be there and nowhere else. He instinctively knew what she would like and worked hard to please her. They laughed and played as they made love, something Ben never did. He concentrated so hard on the act, Saige sometimes wondered if he even really liked it. Romy obviously enjoyed every moment as much as she did.

When they hit their peak, she wasn’t embarrassed to yell his name because he was yelling hers just as loudly. Ben had always been so worried that the neighbors would hear, he never wanted her to scream. She couldn’t have kept the scream in this time if she’d wanted to. Gasping and laughing, they collapsed on the bed, holding one another close.

Romy smoothed her hair out of her face, kissing her lips. “That’s what I like to see. A smile where once there was a frown. You should smile all the time, Saige. You’re lovely and your smile is worth a million bucks.”

“You make me smile,” she whispered, tearing up.

“There now, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Romy kissed her eyes, wiping the tears away.

“Ben hasn’t complimented me in so long,” she wept. “What was I doing in that relationship? Why was I so blind?”

“You find out what a man’s like when he gets stressed. Oh, we can be very amenable when everything’s going right, but add the least bit of pressure, we pop. Fake personality hits the floor and the real man emerges from the wreckage. It’s often not pretty.”

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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