Undercover Lover – Part 18

The conversation between Saige and Ben deteriorated rapidly to a shouting match. Is there anything left to salvage? Does Saige even want to try? Ben revealed that Brodie’s ex-girlfriend told him Saige was having sex with Brodie in his office. You can imagine how well she took that.

“Oh my GOD! And you believed Psycho Barbie over me? Let me get this right. She told you I was doing Brodie — In his office?”

“Yeah. On the desk.”

“Have you seen his office? It’s ninety percent glass! Can you picture me humping in front of the rest of the staff? Even a quick boff on the desk, someone’s gonna see.”

“I guess I didn’t think it through.”

“Amanda was a liar, Ben. She liked to cause trouble. Did it occur to you to ask me?”

“No. I didn’t want to know if it was true.”

“So instead you quit making love to me. Were you afraid I’d compare you to him? Oh, my God. That’s it, isn’t it? You dumb ass!” She wanted to throw something at him, but she knew her mother would have a fit.

“I didn’t say it made sense, Saige.”

“It’s the stupidest thing ever, Ben. What’s wrong with us? When did we become the couple who can’t talk to each other? The only way we know how to communicate is to argue. We’re doing it now.”

“I don’t know.”

“You can’t keep blaming all our problems on Brodie. He’s done nothing to deserve it. Since we broke up, he’s been a good friend to me.”

“Oh, a good friend you have drinks with the night we break up and have breakfast with him the next morning? Did you spend time with him this afternoon as well? Is that where you were when I was trying to call?”

“Actually, the majority of that time, I was making out with Stan. Are you satisfied now?”

“Stan? When did he get into this?”

“Apparently several men at the office find me attractive and were hoping we’d break up so they could ask me out. Stan’s one of them. He’s a hell of a kisser too.”

“And I’m not?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“That’s the implication.”

“You’ve hardly kissed me in so long, I can’t remember! We used to make love every night. Then suddenly, you won’t even touch me unless you’re trying to apologize for yelling at me. Even then, it’s like I’m not really there. You put about as much thought and effort into is as you do opening a box of Fruit Loops.”

“I don’t!”
“You couldn’t give a shit if it was me or Margaret Thatcher there as long as you get some pussy. I’ve had my eyes opened over the last two days. There are men out there who want
me. Not a handy pair of tits and a tight ass. I’ve turned down more offers for sex in the last two days than I’ve had from you in six months.”

“Saige! That’s not fair!”

“I’ll tell you what’s not fair. Being treated like I’m a slut because my boss has a reputation. Rejecting me because of your own insecurity, isn’t fair. I loved you, Ben, but I don’t like you at all right now.”

“You’re making me crazy in that outfit. You know that,” he murmured. “The hair, the perfume, you look amazing and you won’t even let me kiss you.”

“You want me now, you have to earn it. We broke up. You’re back at square one.”

“We didn’t officially break up, babe.”

“You threw my things out the window! Where in your logic is that not breaking up? What do you call that? Redecorating?”

“Children, enough!” Blair walked out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel. “What’s wrong with you two? All you’ve done is spar the entire time he’s been here. You kids can’t have a conversation without an argument of volcanic proportions. You used to be so happy.”

“Ask him why,” Saige remarked coldly. “It’s his bruised ego to blame for all of it. I’m reacting to a difficult situation not of my making. So if you want to fuss at someone, Mom, fuss at him. I’m out of here.” She grabbed her purse and keys.

Ben stopped her as she stalked toward the door. “Saige, please.” His eyes held an appeal she found difficult to ignore. “I’m not above begging. Please stay.”

His non-verbal appeal almost convinced her. She was simply too angry to listen. She could scream at her mother for putting her in this position. It would have been better to wait and see Ben when she’d had a chance to calm down more.

“You should have done your begging a long time ago. It doesn’t have quite the same effect it used to. I’ll see you later, Mom. I expect you won’t be here when I get back?” She directed that remark to Ben quietly, calmly. The tone was unmistakable.

He let go of her hand as if he’d been shocked. Taking a few steps back, he hung his head, turning away.

“You’ve got me parked in,” she continued as she opened the door to the garage.

Silently, he moved his car. He was still sitting at the wheel when she pulled out. His head was down, shoulders hunched. It might have been her imagination, but she thought he might be crying.

“When did I turn into this cold, heartless bitch?” She wondered aloud. “About the time he started ignoring me,” she answered herself.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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