Undercover Lover – Part 9

Not only does Stan tell Saige he’s into her, he kisses her in front of Brodie. 

“Not tonight. Maybe, if he ever kisses you like that again.”


His blue eyes were soft and dreamy in the subdued streetlights. “A little. I’d love to have a woman like you to come home to. I’ve grown very fond of you, Saige.”

“But we’re not doing the sex with a co-worker thing.”


“I hear a condition in that pause.”

“Unless I knew for sure you loved me and not him. Then I’d never let you go.”

Brodie stood next to her, his body vibrating as he fought himself for control. He wanted to kiss her badly. If he thought for a moment she wanted him, loved him more than Ben, he’d have jumped on the chance to be with her. But he wasn’t going to make love to another man’s woman just because she was beautiful, sexy, lonely and looking at him with eyes as green as the lake and fathomless. With a mental shake, he took a shuddering breath, purging the feelings he felt building inside him.

“I don’t love Stan.”

“Not talking about Stan.” His lips drifted down to hers. It seemed so perfect, so natural.

Stan’s kiss was amazing, full of excitement, anticipation. Brodie’s was unbridled passion, powerful, heart stopping, breathtaking liquid sex on her mouth. She melted against him, wanting Brodie to hold her and kiss her like that forever. All thought of Ben left her. Stan’s face faded away. All she heard was the pounding of her heart next to Brodie’s. His strong arms held her

in an unyielding embrace that she was loathe to break.

She wanted him to make love to her, but somehow she knew he wouldn’t. If she wanted Malcolm Brodie, she was going to have to earn him. He wouldn’t take her unless he was sure she came free of encumbrance.

Saige knew deep in her heart she couldn’t set Ben’s love aside easily. They had meant too much to one another. Could it really be over? Was she an idiot?

Stop thinking of Ben when you’re kissing Brodie!

He let go of her slowly, gently, gazing down at her. “You’re thinking of Ben, aren’t you?”

She couldn’t lie to him. “Yes. I’m sorry.”

He smiled, his eyes sparkling. “It’s okay. If you weren’t, I’d lose respect for you. See what I mean now?”

“Yeah, I do. Thanks, Brodie.”

“What for this time? Being a schmuck?”

“No, for making me realize where my heart is.”

“Not a problem. That’s what I do.”

Her fingers brushed his arm, commanding his attention. “That was an incredible kiss.”

“Glad you liked it.”

“One day a girl is going to snag you so she can keep those lips to herself.”

“Sounds good to me. Come on. I need to get you home.”

He helped her find the seatbelt. While he bent over her lap, she took the opportunity to examine him carefully up close. Golden blond hair, neatly trimmed, firm jaw with a slight cleft in the chin, blue eyes that showed his emotions even when his face didn’t.

“You’re going to make some special girl very happy, Brodie.”

“Yeah? Well, my last girlfriend didn’t think so. According to her, I wasn’t able to satisfy her emotional needs.”

“Then she’s an idiot. Don’t believe her, Brodie.”

“Doing my best.” He smiled, taking his place beside her. “Thanks,” his smile was wistful.

“You’re the one doing me a favor. It was good not being alone tonight.”

“You made me realize that I’m not quite as big a loser as Amanda says I am.”

“You a loser? Are you crazy? If circumstances were different, I’d show you just how ridiculous that statement is.”

Brodie laughed bitterly, his tone rife with sarcasm. “My timing has always been off.”

“When you meet the right woman, it won’t be. I hope that’s soon.”

“Why? Do I look like I’m going to explode from repressed sexual desire?”

“No. You look like a man who’s been lonely long enough.”

He walked her up to the door, holding her in a fond embrace. He didn’t try to kiss her again, though she almost wished he would. It amazed her how close she felt to him. Was she falling in love? She didn’t think so. That section of her heart was full and totally cut off from the rest of her emotions. It felt like she’d locked a piece of herself away, the piece that held Ben in it.

“Goodnight, Brodie. I had a really good time. Thanks.”

“Me too, Saige. See you Monday.”

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