Undercover Lover – Part 7

Saige is having fun at the bar with Brodie and their friends. She’s somewhat surprised at the confessions Brodie & Stan tell her.

 “Can I cut in?” One huge, manicured hand landed on Stan’s shoulder, squeezing slightly.

“Yeah, sure, Brodie.” Stan shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“He thinks you’ve laid your claim,” Saige said as Brodie swung her onto the dance floor.

“A good many of the guys are going to hit on you now that you’re single. I’m acting as a buffer until you’re ready to start dating. If they think you’re with me, they won’t bug you.”

“That’s very noble of you, Brodie. And does this mean that you really are staking a claim? What exactly are your expectations?”

“From you? Exactly what they were yesterday. Do your job like you’ve always done.

No romance, no entanglements. I’m serious about the no dating policy. I may be a player, but I know my limits. Working with a woman I had sex with is really uncomfortable.”

“Done that a few times?” Her eyes sparkled with mirth.

“Way more than’s good for me.”

“And if I don’t need you to be a buffer?”

“Then you can screw anyone you want. I’m not your dad, I’m your friend.”

“What if that meant I wanted to sleep with you? Then what would you say?”

He pursed his lips, thinking carefully before he answered. “I’d tell you to be sure what you wanted before you entered into a destructive relationship with a man you’ll never love.”

“You don’t think we’d do well together?”

“I think we’d be amazing together, have great sex and hate each other in the morning. Your heart belongs to Ben. I’m not willing to insert myself in that triangle.”

“Been there, done that?”

“More than’s good for me.” He chuckled as the music changed to an Eighties R&B tune, Wishing Well by Terence Trent D’Arby.

Stan came back, cutting in smoothly as Brodie spun Saige under his arm. Stan swung her back into the dance, changing to dirty dancing instead.

“So, am I wasting my time? Brodie seems pretty much like a fixture.”

“He doesn’t want to see me get hurt. I’m not going to have sex with Brodie.”

“Good.” He grinned.

“I didn’t say I’m having sex with you either.”

“But if you aren’t going to be with him, it leaves me hopeful that you’ll consider me as a happy replacement, rebound guy.”

“I’ll keep you in mind,” she said with a grin. Along with the Cross brothers and half the guys in the office.

She danced with several of the other men, drinking from time to time and enjoying her newly single status. Brodie had done just the right thing bringing her here. Instead of letting her sit home and sulk or taking her somewhere she could cry and feel sorry for herself, she was among friends who supported her.

The girls went to the restroom in a group, all stumbling slightly until they got out of sight. Most of them were faking how drunk they were so the guys would feel bolder about taking them home. Bonnie and Saige checked their makeup while the others peed.

“So, are you and Brodie going to be an item now?”

“No. He’s being a friend, Bon. Why would he be interested in me? We work together.”

“Okay. Delusional, psychotic and delirious. Girls, Saige has had too much to drink. She thinks Brodie doesn’t want to fuck her.”

“Hah!” This from Tracy in the stall behind them. “He fucks everything with a kooch.”

“Oh, that’s attractive. Thanks for sharing that info, hon,” Joni added from the next stall.

“Hasn’t had me yet,” Bonnie said with a proud smile.

“Has he tried?” Dido asked as she came out of the stall to wash her hands.

“He kissed you last week,” Joni nudged them aside.

“That was because he was mad at me.” Bonnie replied with a giggle.

“He kissed you because he was mad? Yeah, that makes sense,” Joni rolled her eyes and laughed.

“He claims it was the only way to get me to shut up.”

“So, was it good?”

“It wasn’t that kind of kiss. My mouth half open, his closed. But God, that body! Hard from head to toe,” she laughed wickedly. “And every part in between.”

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