Undercover Lover – Part 5

Saige and Brodie head to the bar for a night out with friends. After a dinner with clients, Brodie has arrived at her house to meet her mother.

“Did you close the deal?” Saige asked.

“Of course! I had the wife already, it was convincing her husband. Between the two of us, we tag teamed him. It was magic. Wow! What a view! You weren’t kidding when you said it was right across from Lita’s. I didn’t know she was having a party tonight. Hell, I didn’t even know she was in town.”

“Don’t you see your mother often, Brodie?” Blair asked him.

“Not so much. But I expect I’ll be getting a call for a command visit soon. She likes to see me when she gets back in town. She’s been doing a lengthy gig in Milan.”

“Command visit? Does she summon you like the queen?”

“Lita is the queen,” Brodie chuckled, rubbing his hands together as he took in every aspect of the home. “This house is incredible. What’s it built with? Cedar?” He patted the wall.

“Cypress and cedar,” Blair answered. “The master bedroom is done in pecan from trees that got torn up during one of the hurricanes. Would you like to see it?”

“Love to!” He followed her faithfully, eyes sparkling.

“Honey, your phone’s ringing.” Blair pointed to Saige’s room.

“I’m amazed it’s working. Damn thing fell apart.”

“That happens when you throw it, dear,” her mother teased. “Tada!” She opened her bedroom door for Brodie.

He made all the right noises and said all the right things as she showed him around. He was fascinated by the paneling and bowled over by the fully lined walk in cedar closet.

The phone stopped ringing as she picked the pieces up. A quick look at the screen showed her it was Ben. Should she call? Unsure what to do, she looked up when Brodie stuck his head in her room.

“The house is great. You ready to go?”

“Yeah. I’m set.”
“Important call?”

She shrugged. “It was Ben. Should I call him back?”

“Man’s opinion? No. Let him stew a little. It will make him absolutely crazy, especially if he knows you’re with me. He does know, right?” A vicious tone tinged his words.

She giggled, blushing slightly. “Ooh, yes.”

Brodie’s smile faded slightly. “Saige, another bit of unsolicited advice, then I stop being philosophical and get you drunk off your ass.”

She gazed at him expectantly as if he were about to impart the secrets of mankind.

“Turn off the phone, ignore the bastard for the night, don’t talk to him for at least a week and make him come to you.”

“What if he doesn’t?”

“Then he’s a stupid, inconsiderate prick.” He shrugged, his broad shoulders nearly bumping the edges of the doorframe. “Come on. How often do I get to take you out for a night on the town?”

“Thanks, Brodie. I’ll be late, Mom. Don’t wait up.”

“Have your keys?”

Saige dangled them from her fingers. “Yes, ma’am. Right here.”

“Don’t get her too drunk, Brodie. She’s such a bitch when she’s hungover.”

“I’ll do my best, Blair. Thanks for showing me the house. It’s awesome.” He kissed her cheek and led Saige to his car. Ever the gentleman, he held the door for her, helping her find the seatbelt that always slid between the seats.

“I swear, whoever made this car did that on purpose. Though it comes in handy if there’s a beautiful woman in the seat that I desperately want to kiss.”

“How often have you used that technique?”

“A hundred and twenty-seven.” He winked. “I’m kidding.”

Conversation was nearly impossible on the way to Kelley’s bar. Brodie liked heavy metal and usually had a CD of his favorite bands pounding loudly to be heard over the car motor. Tonight, it was a mix CD of Metallica, Pantera and Rammstein. Saige didn’t think she could make herself heard over Feurer Frei.

Walking into Kelley’s was like coming home. She knew most of the people there and all the workers by name. It was owned by the parents of Brodie’s friend, Stan. It was in Kelley’s she had first met Brodie when having drinks with some of the girls from her old office.

She smiled, remembering that night. She and Ben had just moved in together and she was celebrating with a girl’s night out while he pulled an evening shift. Brodie predictably hit on her. When he got shot down three times in a row, he offered her a job as his assistant.

“I want a woman who’s in a committed a relationship with someone else so she won’t be looking at one with me,” he told her honestly. “I need someone punctual, precise and anal. Are you all those things?”

“All that and more,” she laughed. “I’ve got excellent phone skills and I type a hundred and fifteen words a minute.”

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