Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

Tarnished – Part 10

With Kier on her side, Hannah isn’t quite as afraid. They both know the Master is coming. Hannah will not survive long with him in charge.  Can Kier help her escape before it’s too late?

Kier took the medicine, putting it back in his pocket. Their fingers touched and for a moment, nothing intruded, not even her fear. Kier leaned forward, his lips seeking hers. Hannah moved toward him, letting him kiss her. Her skin tingled pleasantly where he touched her. The warmth of his hands made her feel alive.

His lips traveled from hers, down her neck, to her shoulder. His fingers roamed freely over her body knowingly, as if they’d made this journey before. Kier excited her more than any of her husbands had. He was handsome, daring, brave and he wanted to help her….

Voices in the hall caught their attention. Kier eyed the door. He listened a moment before opening it a crack. Without a word, he slipped out. The lock slid in place behind him. She was trapped once more.

~ * ~

Darkness came and with it a meal tray. Hannah didn’t want to eat, afraid the food was drugged, but she was hungry. As she feared, she grew sleepy after eating. She woke some time later, her body sore and violated. This time, she knew they’d been even more intrusive. She could feel the swelling inside her.

Weeping piteously, she huddled in the middle of the bed. She could hear voices downstairs, moving outside, disappearing into the night.

The door eased open and Kier entered. He didn’t put on a light, but made his way to the bed by feel and the light of the full moon.

“I’m so sorry, Hannah. I couldn’t stop them. I’ve brought the ointment.”

“They’re going to kill me, aren’t they? When they’re done with their sick rituals…. What did they do?”

He couldn’t face her, ashamed of any part he’d had in this business. “I don’t know. I couldn’t watch. Let me help you.”

He spread the ointment on her once more. She took some, putting it between her legs, hoping to ease the pain and swelling. The hot and cold tingling was more pronounced there, exciting her in spite of her pain and shame.

Kier’s lips sought hers in the dark. His hands explored her body, growing bolder and more familiar with each pass.

Hannah’s body tingled from the ointment, the sensations augmented. Kier’s lips tasted of vanilla. He smelled like fresh lavender and sunshine. Dizzy from her ordeal, disoriented by scent, she clung to his strong body.

She didn’t protest when he lifted the hem of her robe, his hands seeking her naked body. Somehow, it felt right to have him touch her. His kisses intensified as he raised the robe above her head. He kissed her everywhere, soft lips massaging the runes burned on her flesh. The pain was nothing, numbed by the ointment. He left a searing trail in his wake.

Before she realized it, he was naked too, his body cradling hers as he kissed her. Strong hands parted her thighs and he entered her, thrusting deep. They made love slowly, barely making a sound. The sensations he woke in her body were unlike any she’d ever felt before. No man had ever done for her what he did. As she hit her peak, he kissed her to muffle her cries of delight.

Spent and panting, they lay together in the middle of the huge bed. He kissed her once more, hurriedly.

“I must go,” he whispered. “I spent too much time here. I’ll be back. I’ll find some way to save you, Hannah. I promise.”

~ * ~

Hannah spent another day and a night trapped in the room. As before, Kier came to her late at night. He applied the ointment and they made love. He left hurriedly once more, promising he’d find a way to help her. She began to wonder if he really would, of if he was using her to sate his own lust.

Curled on her bed, she lay with her own despair. Her entire body ached from the abuse, but ached too for Kier’s. She wanted to escape so they could be together forever. It was a vain hope, but one she clung to.

The third night, Kier brought her supper. “Pretend to fall asleep,” he whispered. “I’ll dispose of the food so it looks as if you’ve eaten.” He spent just enough time in the room for her to pretend to eat, and left, carrying the tray.

She collapsed on the bed, hoping she was being convincing. The door opened a little while later. She heard people talking, their voices muffled. Rough hands tugged at her clothing, yanking it off. Someone washed her body with warm water and sweet smelling soap.

“The welts are better.” She recognized the voice of Kier’s mother. “That’s not possible. How can that be?”

“People heal,” another woman said. “Why does it matter? The faster she heals, the more we can work with her. She’s truly a fascinating specimen.”

“Indeed she is. The Master will be pleased with this one.”

“Yes. Oh, I’ve forgotten the brush. Would you get it for me? I’ll finish drying her.”

“I’ll be right back. Everything must be perfect.”

The door opened and closed. The woman shook her shoulder.

“I know you’re not asleep. Kier has a plan.”

Hannah opened her eyes. “What’s he going to do?”

“He didn’t say, but he’s getting you out of here tonight. They’ll come for you as soon as we’ve finished your hair. You’ll be taken to the holy chamber. Be ready to run when you get the signal.”

“What will it be?”

“Shh, she’s coming.”

Hannah closed her eyes, relaxing her features once more. The other woman took the brush from Kier’s mother.

“Thank you. I can’t believe I was so forgetful.”

“It happens. I had quite a time finding it. It had fallen behind your bed.”

“How very odd, I wonder how that came to happen. There, she looks beautiful. The Master will be very pleased with this one.”

They dressed Hannah in a clean robe. As they were leaving, the other woman squeezed Hannah’s shoulder comfortingly.

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