Dellani Oakes

Making People Fall in Love One Couple at a Time

Fiddlestix – Part 27

He just blew up the truck, but has Tully unleashed something far worse?

What stepped from the rear looked no more like a man than a tornado looks like a Ferris wheel. It was well over seven feet tall and bristling with weaponry. It moved unsteadily as if something was wrong with its hydraulics.

Tully slowly and carefully sighted his weapon. Fiddlestix could see him counting to himself and thought she caught his whispered, “Take cover in five, four, three….”

A blinding flash of orange erupted from the chest of the cyber soldier. He faltered mid-step, spinning a hundred and eighty degrees in a graceful arc of flames. Righting himself, he stopped to get his bearings, then swiveled around to face Tully once more. Fiddlestix saw what was left of his face set in determined lines as he moved toward the demolitions expert. He might be a walking tank, but he was slow and clumsy.

The cyber soldier turned his body to take aim at the annoying gnat of a man. With a roar, he fired at Tully. The heavy metal pellet whizzed toward him. Despite its speed, the walking explosive dove out of its path as the pellet flew past him and buried itself in the ground where he’d been standing.


Suddenly the cyber soldier stopped dead in his tracks, swiveling around to his left. He was searching for something.

“Bloody hell,” Tully cursed loudly. “What’s he up to then?”

A shadow slipped out of the trees opposite the warrior and another to his left flank. Only a blur of movement was visible to Fiddlestix, but she was sure her men were attacking.

“He’s on Stumpy and Loki.”

“I see that. They’re barking mad!”

A whirling blur set upon the cyber soldier from the left. Deep cuts appeared in his skin and cyber hydraulic fluid gushed out. Another whirling shadow attacked from the rear, pounding into the cybered man like pile drivers.

“Quit playing, gents,” Tully muttered into his mouthpiece. “Finish the bugger off.”

As if in response to his command, the cyber warrior crumpled to his knees, flattened and bleeding from dozens of wounds. With a mighty crash, his head was smashed by an invisible blow.

In a shimmer of silver light, Stumpy and Loki reappeared standing over the dead cyber warrior, panting and grinning proudly. With a roar that rivaled their opponent’s they raised their hands above their heads.

A shot rang out and Stumpy staggered back a step. Another caught Loki in the chest, spinning him around with such force that he lost his footing and fell on the dead cyber warrior.

“NO!” Fiddlestix rose from her hiding place and ran forward. With her cyber arm, she ripped out a section of the fence.

She heard the report of a weapon and a lump of turf near her left foot whizzed into the air. She ran toward the source of the shot.

“Hannah, No!” Karl stood up, waving at her to come back. Another shot took him down, wounding him.

Screaming like a Rebel soldier, Fiddlestix ran into the woods. She knew it was Bobby and she was taking him down. Ten yards away she saw him. He was dressed in his dirty black uniform, red sash of office across his chest like a gaping wound.

A flicker of movement to her right told her that at least one of her friends had survived Bobby’s shot. She kept her eyes locked on his, willing him to pay attention only to her.

“Stop right there, Hannah, or I’ll shoot.”

“You don’t have the balls to kill me!” She challenged.

Struggling with some inner demon, he raised his gun aiming at her head. His hand shook uncontrollably, sweat poured down his face.

“I’ll kill you, Hannah!”

She took a step toward him. “No, you won’t.”

Bobby gave a gurgling cry and fell to his knees, his chest
erupting from the back with a three pronged blade. He died face down in the dirt.

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