Under the Milky Way – part 8

Luke let himself be searched, giving up his weapons gladly. Storm explained what happened and a security team went in to flush out the hired killers.

“They were waiting for us,” Luke said as they walked to her quarters.

Storm nodded, unsure of her voice. They walked a little further until they came to her door.

“Here I am,” she pointed.

Luke followed her inside. For an apartment on the space station, it was spacious. She had a kitchen, living room and sleeping area with bath. She even had a porthole, not something that everyone could brag about.

“Nice view.”

Gazing out, he could see the moon. A different angle from his, to be sure, a first class view. He saw himself in stark contrast with her. She was well known in the corporate sector. His name was bandied about the dockside usually with laughter at his crazy ship.

Hunching his shoulders, he shoved his hands in his pockets, wondering what the hell he was doing. How did he expect to make anything of himself? Having tenacity didn’t matter for shit if you didn’t have money or connections.

“What did they want?” Storm asked. “And how did they know we’d even go that way?”

“I’m guessing they had two teams,” Luke said. “Either way, they’d have jumped us. We walked right into it.”

“Who ordered the hit? Did you make someone mad enough to kill you?” She walked to her closet, flinging the doors open. She walked in, grabbing pants and a sweater, changing while he watched without caring.

“Me? Those boys were after you, sweet cheeks.” She had a great ass, he thought as he watched her change.

“What? Me? Why? I’m nobody.”

“You and your uncle just pissed off a whole lotta people, baby. Folks like that don’t lie down and take it up the tailpipe. They’re gonna fight back. My guess is that they hired those boys based on the rumors that were flying around here prior to tonight’s show.

“Because of the teleporter? That’s insane. As if killing me could stop Uncle Ralph.”

“Maybe, that would’ve been the start. Thing like this could start an all out corporate war. You die, he retaliates, they return fire…. It’d get mighty nasty, mighty fast.”

Storm sat heavily on her bed, holding her head in her hands. “Oh, my God! Do you think they’ll still do it?”

Luke shrugged. “You might have been the only target, at least so far. Wax you, they’ve got a show of strength. Kill me, they smack your uncle in the face.”

“I’ve got to warn him,” she said quietly.

Whipping out her cellphone, she called Ralph’s base under the mountain in the heart of Shine Clan territory. He answered somewhat bleary eyed. Storm apologized, not realizing it was so late. Once she explained, he woke quickly and completely.

“You don’t worry about this, darlin’. You go on that run with your man. I’ll handle this.”

“He’s not my man, Uncle Ralph.”

The old man waved her words away. “You go on. I’ll send word when all’s done. Best tell Sophie on your way out.”

“I will, Uncle Ralph. Be careful.”

“I will, baby.”

Storm disconnected with a heavy sigh. Gathering a few more necessary items, including her weapons, she stood, facing Luke.

“I’m ready.”

Luke turned away from the view, seeing a very different woman from the one he’d brought here. She was wearing jeans and sweater with leather boots and a heavy leather coat that went to her ankles. Her white blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail. The fancy earrings were gone, replaced by a pair of gold posts in the shape of dolphins. She had a sizable pellet gun strapped to her hip, a short sword on her belt and a variety of throwing knives. A small duffel bag hung from her left shoulder.

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