A Nostalgic Moment

On this day in 1982, I became a mom for the first time. My beautiful baby girl, Kathryn, was born at 3:50 PM on December 17th.

She was a stubborn little thing even then. She didn’t want to breathe, so the doctor smacked her fanny. She let out a holler that shook the foundations of the hospital. This being back before they let family members in the room, we were in the chilly delivery room with our parents waiting down the hall.

Kathryn let out that screech and I heard my mother say, “I hear my grandchild!” I’ve teased her that she came out screaming and has been screaming ever since. A slight exaggeration, but it’s true that she’s never been shy. She’s always stood up for herself and faced adversity with a balled up fist and a vocabulary that could peel paint.

So, I want to wish her a Happy Birthday and let her know how much I love her. I don’t suppose any of us say those words often enough. I also want her, and everyone else, to know just how proud I am of her. She’s worked hard to get her biology degree and is back in school working on her degree in psychology.

It’s taken a long time, but that’s because she’s worked full time almost the entire time she’s been in college. Not only that, she gave us our first grandchild just over two years ago. Our beautiful baby girl had a beautiful baby girl in September of 2008.

I know I deviated from my monthly excerpt, but I’ll do that later. It was more important to say what was in my heart. I think we as authors sometimes are so busy with our literary emotions, we forget the real ones. It’s easy to set aside or even trample real life in an effort to get the words in our heads down. So, I set aside the pen & paper (or more accurately, the keyboard & screen) to wish my daughter


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